Deployed soldier begins sex change – Army News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq – Army Times

I saw this in the Army Times magazine article online today and this nearly made my blood boil. I know that Don’t ask Don’t tell ended for Gay’s, lesbians and Bisexuals in the US Military. Still Don’t ask Don’t tell still exist for Intersex people and transgender people in the US Military. Even though their are Intersex people and transgender people serving in the Military in other countries that are open and tolerant of them.

What I saw in the Army Times article was that their is a Lesbian FTM serving in Afghanistan and transitioning while on deployment. This lesbian FTM specialist by the name of Keith is transitioning from female to Male, while on active duty and on deployment to Afghanistan. It shocks me that the US military will allow this to happen, but will ban intersex people and transgender people from enlisting and serving in either Active, Reserve or National Guard Duty.

In the Army Times article, it said that this specialist was transition from female to male and taking testosterone while on active duty in Afghanistan. What pissed me off was that I was taking testosterone for my intersex condition and was still banned from serving, but they allowed a lesbian on active duty to take testosterone and transition from female to male. It shows how the Us Military is far behind the times and with the rest of the NATO allies, who allow their intersex and trans people to serve openly.

My only wish was that the US Military act more like our NATO allies and non-NATO allies such as Israel, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Spain in allowing Intersex and trans people in the Military. If these countries have no problems with Trans and Intersex people in their militaries, who are serving and dying in the battlefields of Afghanistan with the US Military. Then I wonder why is the US Military still the only ones who have problems with Trans and intersex people in the US military. If the US Military followed the same policy that the Canadians, Australians Israelis and UK have on trans and intersex people in their militaries. Their would be more people and the US military would be more cohesive and universal for everyone.

I know for me, if I was ever allowed on Active duty, Reserve or National Guard as an Intersex person. As an Intersex person, I know my hormone levels are not that sufficient enough for the male standards. So I would mostly likely be put in the female standards because my hormone levels are not sufficient enough for Male standard and only enough for female standard. If I was offered a chance to serve and they allowed Intersex people like me in, I would in a second.

If people like Keith, who can be a lesbian, transition from female to male, while on active duty in Afghanistan. Then why is the United States Military still having a problem with Trans and intersex people in the Military. I think they are dragging their heels and not getting in line like their NATO allies and their counterparts such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

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