Disenfranchised Voter

Today, I was suppose to go vote in the election, but being that I am in College in a part of Connecticut where Public Transportation is non existent. I had a hard time today getting to the polls to Vote in the Election. I was going to Vote, but since I have no way of getting to the polls, I can’t vote in this election. I know I was told about Absentee ballots, but no one in my College told me how to apply for one or even give me an application for one. It seems that colleges make no effort in helping college students to Vote in town or by absentee ballot.

So today, Voting in this election turned me off because I had no way to get to the polls to Vote and the state never made an accommodations for disabled people to get to the polls. Connecticut never offered public transportation to the polls and never offered any voting on college campuses for student who live far from their hometown or can’t get out to the polls. If they allowed voting for any college student on campus and even for those who live on campus and can’t get to the polls. I would be able to vote on campus and vote for my hometown, even though during the school day, I am on campus.

It’s why today, I feel like voting has turned me off because I had no way to get to the polls from campus and my state & college never offered any assistance in getting either a provisional or Absentee ballot. Even not offering to vote on campus, when you don’t live in the town that your college is in. So today, I never got to Vote because no one helped me to get to the polls to VOTE.