Sexism of wearing Uggs and Bearpaw boots

English: Boy Wearing Ugg Boots
English: Boy Wearing Ugg Boots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have ya ever notice the sexism that exist when it comes to what men and women wear. For example, have you ever notice how Men and women react when it comes to wearing Ugg Boots or Bearpaw boots. Such how men react to other men wearing ugg boots and Bearpaw boots vs how women react to other women & men wearing ugg boots and Bearpaw boots. It seems to me that their is sexism and internalized sexist attitudes about what men and women should and shouldn’t be wearing.

In my case, I wear Bearpaw boots, which are similar to what women wear and similar to UGG boots. Now when women saw me wearing them, they were very accepting and very cool about me rocking in my Bearpaw boots. Where as Men, when they saw me in my Bearpaw boots, they thought I was being weird or being Gay.  It seems to me, that Men have sexist views of men wearing Bearpaws or UGG boots. It also seems that Men in America have a hard time accepting the fact that UGG boots and Bearpaw boots are made for both genders. Which is why I think Men are slow to keep pace with changes in society.

I think that Men have a harder time accepting men wearing UGG boots or Bearpaw boots. I wear Bearpaw boots because being that I live in New England and it get’s very cold in the winter time and boots such as Bearpaw and UGG’s are required to keep your feet warm in the winter time. Heck, I don’t want to wake up to cold feet in the morning or walk around in cold feet.  That’s why I think men who complain about men wearing uggs or Bearpaw are sexist and they Men simply can’t comprehend the history that Uggs were made originally made for Men as well as Women.