Naked Dorm room

One of the things I do at the end of the day on campus, is head back to my Dorm to eat dinner and tackle my homework. When I am in my Dorm room, I strip down completely to my skin. I am in my birthday suit and I am in effect naked in my dorm room. It’s liberating and takes all the stress that I deal with from college away. It even lifts the burdens I bear, wearing clothes to class.

Being a Nudist, I am very comfortable with the skin I am in and very comfortable with the body parts I have. Even being born with an Intersex condition, Nudism has helped me accept my intersex body for what it is. I have learned to accept my body and be happy with the skin I am in.

I’m more comfortable when I am totally naked in my dorm room. I don’t have to worry about clothes and that is one less thing to worry about, when you have homework and exams to study for. When you study and do your homework Naked, you are less stressful, less tense and more calm when I am naked and in my birthday suit. At the same time, I am more happy with myself and I am more self-aware when I am Naked.

It’s why for me, I am always happy when I am Naked and free from clothes. When ever I am naked, whether at home, in the dorm or at a Nudist resort, I am always happy, less stressed and less intense. I am always upbeat when I am completely naked. It feels like the weight of the world was taken off me. In my dorm, I practice nudism and I live completely clothes-free. In my dorm, all Natural bodies are respected and celebrated. All bodies are treated as equal, whether Male, Female or Intersex.

This is why no one at my college knows, that I go Naked in my dorm and I sleep naked in my dorm. They don’t know that I am a Nudist and a college student nudist as well. They don’t know that my dorm is clothes free and accepting of all body types and Natural body types. Which is why my dorm is considered a Naked dorm and a Nudist college dorm. On top of it being gender neutral as well and a disabled dorm room.

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