The elite Aircraft Carrier club just got bigger

The elite Aircraft Carrier Nation club crowd just inducted its newest member and to the surprise, it’s China and their PLAN-Navy’s  LiaoningL-16. On  November 25, 2012 China became the newest member of the Elite Aircraft Carrier club by landing and taking off J-15 fighters off the Liaoning L-16. Which in the American terms, became their first Langley.

Now there are 10 nations in the world with Aircraft carriers who can project power in distant waters. The 10 member nations of the Aircraft Carrier club is, United States, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Spain,Brazil, India, Thailand and China. Now that China is a new member of the Aircraft carrier club, they maybe aiming for French, Brazilian, Russian, Spanish standards. They have a decade before they can reach American standards.

In my opinion, China has a long way to go before it can go toe to toe with America. In the mean time, china maybe looking at rivaling Russia, Brazil or France when it comes to Carrier standard. China has a long way before it can ever become a true blue water navy with a carrier battle group. In the mean time it’s a start and I think that alone may spur a massive Asian pacific Arms Race, with countries in the Pacific rim, buying up more weapons and ships to counter the Liaoning L-16