Naked College Student

My naked Self portrait
My naked Self portrait

Life as a Naked college student is pretty interesting. Living on campus in a dorm apartment of your own is one of the coolest perks to have when your born with an Intersex condition and deaf in one ear. It means that I can live in my own dorm Apartment Naked and clothes free. It’s very liberating and for me, it means that I am very accepting of my body and open about my Intersex body. As a nudist, my dorm is always very naked and clothes free. It’s very open, accepting and tolerant of all body types, shapes and figures. It’s even accepting of those who are Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual, on top of Intersex people as well.

As a nudist and a college student, I am accepting of all Natural body types. Even my own Intersex body, I am very accepting of my Intersex body. I accepted every flaw and every imperfection that my Intersex body has. When your at a Nudist resort or out skinny dipping at a local lake. Once you get to see all body types from fat ones to skinny ones. You learn to accept the human body for what it is and from that you start to accept yours as well.

One thing I always do at the end of the day when I am back in my dorm, is strip my clothes off and down to my skin. When I am nude in my dorm apartment, I am relaxed, less stressed and even less tense. I’m more relaxed when I am naked and even more calm mentally and physically. Even when I am studying for my class or exams, I don’t have to worry about wearing clothes or how I look. Being nude in my dorm makes me feel more relaxed and more at ease. I don’t have to concern myself about what I am wearing or if my clothes are messy. Even cooking in my dorm, I make my own meals totally Naked.

The impact of being a nudist in college is that you don’t have all those body dysphoria issues that most college students have. Your very comfortable with the skin that your in and even comfortable with all the flaws and imperfections that your body has. Whereas with most college students, some have body issues and have issues with accepting all the flaws & imperfections that they have. For me I don’t have those issues and when most people find out that I’m a nudist, they are either shocked.

For me, I try to live clothes free as much as I can. My philosophy is, I’m nude when possible, clothed when necessary. I try to be nude as much as possible, though I know their will be times where I have to be clothed and have to wear clothes that often times makes me feel uncomfortable or doesn’t make me feel right. Sometimes the clothes I wear, don’t fit me or fit my style. So I try to be naked as often I can. Even when I am out fishing or swimming or even out hiking, I try to be nude when it’s convenient and possible.

As far as seeing what I look like Nude, I have them on my Tumblr photo blog and they show what an intersex body looks like when it’s naked in it’s Natural state.  I don’t try to put Nude photo’s on my main blog for personal and professional reasons, but if I do, it’s in a respectful, natural and nudist manner.