Winter break is here

My Semester is over and now is my winter break. I survived my fall semester though the skin of my teeth. My classes were fun and I met very good professors who are now friends of mine on Facebook. I tried to join on campus clubs on campus, but so far that, never pandered out very well. Instead, I am with my town volunteer fire dept and that has made it a whole lot better than any on campus club. So as far as my social life on campus, it’s still a work in progress and I have time until I graduate.

Other than that, on my winter break I have time to work on my next poetry book and get started on my spring and summer plans.  I have time to look for Part time work during my winter break and spring semester as well. I have the time to plan for my spring semester and that includes preparing for my math classes and all my classes. Which means build upon my current GPA and come out on the Deans list by the end of the spring semester.

So for now, I’m enjoying my winter vacation and enjoy my time with my family and just relax. I need it and I earned it.