boots LGBT and Intersex nudist from their site

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English: Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy Naturist camp. Français : Piscine dans le camping naturiste des Monts de Bussy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always thought, that the Idea of Nudism is about body acceptance and tolerance towards people.The idea that people can be accepted for who they are, what they are and what body types they have.  It seems to me that it’s not true with a lot of Nudist groups.  I for one have experienced my fair share of nudist discrimination because my body type is not a normal male or female.  I have been discriminated by a website called because I am an intersex person and not a normal biological male or female.

For some strange reason before I left college for winter break, I was doing fine with the group. Until one day when I tried to log on to Nudist clubhouse site, I was turned away for no reason or any prior notice. I did not receive any prior notice that my profile or account was being dropped.  It pissed me off and made me bitter that a group would drop my profile without any notice.

You wonder why Nudism has an aging problem and a problem of accepting of LGBT and Intersex Nudist. Nudism now has an age problem because it’s greying and there are not of younger nudist coming in. The younger generation that are nudist are not the same as the older generation and it’s why there is a big disconnect. It’s also why the Younger generation Nudist are more accepting of LGBT & Intersex nudist than the older generation. Which is why the older generation often wonders why there are not any younger generation nudist. It’s simply because the older generation is not keeping up with the times.

As an Intersex person and a Nudist, I often have to fight hard to be accepted as a nudist because most nudist have never met a Naked Intersex body and most don’t understand or know what an Intersex person is. It’s a constant fight to tell people what it means to be born intersex and explain all the time what Intersex is.

So if the idea of nudism is about body acceptance and tolerance. Where is the body acceptance and tolerance for LGBT and Intersex Nudist. It seems to me Nudism has a long, long way to go in body acceptance and tolerance. Even acceptance of LGBT and Intersex people within the Nudist community needs to be addressed and worked on. It’s why Intersex people like myself who are Nudist will continue to work on getting mainstream nudist to accept LGBT people and Intersex people within the Intersex community.


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  1. Brian,
    As an Intersex nudist, I know people like you are not comfortable with LGBT Nudist and Intersex Nudist in your group. It’s why Nudism has a hard time in accepting Intersex and LGBT Nudist in their community. It’s why LGBT Nudist and Intersex Nudist have a hard time in being accepted in the Nudist community. How do I know that you are going to be welcoming and accepting of LGBT Nudist & Intersex Nudist in Nudist Clubhouse. You have to show me that your going to be accepting of LGBT Nudist & Intersex Nudist.

    For now, I will keep the post, but I will strike out the libel parts as a reminder why LGBT Nudist and Intersex nudist have a long way to go in being accepted by the Nudist community. You can say that your going to allow me back but you have to show me that your welcoming LGBT & Intersex Nudist. As of Right I am still bitter at the way you treated LGBT Nudist, Intersex Nudist and me. Maybe after the holidays I will consider coming back. For now, I’ll have to think about it.

  2. Nicky,

    You know, it often happens that a single male will attend a nudist resort, and then be thrown out because of his constant staring or inappropriate advances on women in the resort. This single male will then take to the internet and say that XYZ Resort discriminates against single men. In fact, the resort may be very singles friendly, and this individual was thrown out based upon their own behavior.

    It has been the policy of since day one, to be friendly, welcoming and accepting to all people who believe in nude recreation that is suitable for the entire family. We have adopted and will continue to stand by and enforce the principles and standards of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). AANR has a document called the “Nudist Bill of Rights” that specifically states that we will not discriminate, and even sites sexual orientation as something we do not discriminate against. In fact, we have many members in good standing who fall into the same categories that you claim we do not allow.

    As a privately held business, we also hold the right to refuse service to any individual who causes a disturbance, harms our business, or violates the principles and standards of AANR.

    It is the policy of not to discuss these matters publicly, and to terminate the account without notice of people who violate these terms. It has been our experience that to discuss these terms generally makes the problem worse, and we then have to dedicate an undue amount of staff time arguing with violators who disagree with our policies, and the principles and standards of AANR.

    I suggest that you take a look at your blog post, and look up the word “libel”. You have published in print very untrue statements about our business and we expect that they will be retracted without delay.

    The termination of your account was behavior based, and brought to our attention by numerous member complaints. We will not discuss the incidents any further than that, as we do not wish to harm your reputation, even though our statements (unlike your libelous ones) would be true.

    As a gesture of good will, I will permit you to re-join if you so desire, as long as you behave as a family oriented nudist, and adhere to the principles and standards of AANR. Any deviations from this, or further member complaints about behavior will result in permanent account termination.

    Brian Spence, CEO
    Nudist Clubhouse, Inc.

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