A New Year and a new agenda for 2013

Well, 2013 is here and their are plenty of things I need to get done and my bucket list has plenty of things I need to do to stay busy for 2013. In 2013, I have things I want to get done and I have an agenda that I need to do. I even have big ambitions and even big ideas that I want to do and put a check mark on my list for 2013.

So here’s my bucket list for 2013,

1. Nudist Vacation. A must do for the summer of 2013. Go vacation at a Nudist resort for the 4th of July Weekend or memorial day weekend. Spend as much time nude as possible during the summer. Even go Skinny Dipping as much as I can during the year.

2. Summer college classes. It’s a must do this Summer for me. Take Summer classes either in a hybrid format or Online format. Need it to graduate on time and graduate within 3 years.

4. Moped/scooter, I definitely need to get one this year for Summer use.

5. Travel, I do, need time to travel and vacation for myself and that is part of my Nudist vacation as well.

6. Part time work. In this tough economy, I do need to find part time work and that’s a priority on my list. It’s tough when the economy is bad in America and not as  bad as Greece or Spain.

7. This is a personal thing for me, Need to find a meaningful relationship in my life and yes, I defiantly need to find a girlfriend. It’s a challenge for me and something I need to do before I turn 40.

8. As far as for my activities with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, I need to get that thing going and get it kick started. That means start getting qualifications in Marine Safety, RBS, Communications and Boat Crew as well. On top of that need to get new gear to replace the old.

9. For my newly started thing with Volunteer Fire company, I need to get that going and keep going. I have a Firefighter 1 Refresher class on tap and even all my Hazmat operation classes as well.

10. As for my unfinished poetry book, I need to get that finished and published as well. I am scheduled to have the poetry book published by Spring break. At the same time start work on my Intersex fiction book project as well.

11. For my main blog, I am looking at self-hosting my blog and even moving it up to the next level. It is something I am considering doing during the 2013 year.

12. As far as my college is concern, I need to make sure my GPA is very good and Need to make sure I am passing my classes.

13.  Technology wise, need to get a Smartphone, Tablet and even Dragon speak for my Laptop as well.

14. Apparel. I defiantly need to update my look and style for 2013 as well.

15. Social life. It needs work and it’s a work in progress as well.

So anyway, that is my bucket list for 2013 and I hope to have most of them filled by Fall of 2013. Including my upcoming Summer trip to a Nudist resort as well. So I hope everyone has a happy New Year and let’s make 2013 the best year as possible.

2 thoughts on “A New Year and a new agenda for 2013

  1. I stumbled upon your website and I just have to say that your story is very inspiring! I love that you’ve used nudity, the human form’s most natural state, to come to unapologetically accept what some might deem “unnatural”. It’s amazing what being naked and exposed can do for your self perception. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences.

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