Body Acceptance within the Intersex community

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As an Intersex person, Nudism has done a lot towards helping me accept my intersex body and accepting for who I am.  Nudism has shown me how not to be ashamed of my intersex body. It even helped me embrace myself more and even accept all the flaws and imperfections that come with having an Intersex body. What Nudism dose,  it shows me that the Human body comes in all natural shapes and forms. Being intersex and naturally born intersex, i see it as part of the natural human form.

Now within the Intersex community, there is a huge problem of body acceptance of Intersex people. Most intersex people are very fearful of their bodies and even forced to hide their intersex bodies by medicine and by society. Which is why most intersex people have a hard time in accepting their bodies and as a result some go for the sex reassignment surgery route for acceptance. It’s hard for Intersex people to accept their bodies because of either society pressure and social pressure. On top of that our Intersex bodies get assaulted by medicine and those who try to claim it as if it’s one of there’s. Which as a result, Intersex people have low self-esteem, which results in body image issues and body acceptance issues.

It’s why as an Intersex person and someone with Kallmann’s syndrome, I am very comfortable with my body. I am very accepting of all the flaws and imperfections in my intersex body. I don’t need surgery or any invasive medical intervention to feel comfortable about myself. Nudism has shown me that the human body comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t care what genitals you have or what you are. The only thing that Nudism is concern is the acceptance of ones body and the acceptance of all Natural body types.

It’s why I am comfortable with the fact that I have a micropenis, some breast growth and the fact that I will never look like a normal female or a normal male. Even in regards to my genetics, I know it will always be XXY regardless of what I do to the body. I’m even comfortable with the fact that medicine has considered me as a biological indeterminate gender. Which is why Nudism as greatly contributed to my body acceptance and being comfortable with who I am.

Nudism has done a lot to show me how I can accept being born Intersex and to see that you body is no different from anyone else’s. One thing I like to say to Intersex people, is to give Nudism a try because nudism can show Intersex people who there is nothing shameful and wrong with being born Intersex. Being Born Intersex is not shameful and should not be hidden. It should be shown and accepted. It as natural as a human body and being a nudist in an intersex community.  I’m leading the way in showing how an Intersex person can accept being born Intersex and accepting their body without shame or secrecy.

Intersex people just need to try Nudism and learn to accept their natural intersex bodies. You don’t need SRS to have body acceptance. You just have to accept what was given to you at birth and learn to use that to your advantage. Even learn to accept that your natural Intersex body is no different from anyone else. You just have a Human body that is no different from anyone.

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