Spring semester so far

So far the 1st week after the spring semester. Classes are going very well and made some new friends including a professor from Australia. Got established as a first Intersex person to have Gender Neutral housing on campus, which is pretty cool. Which means I have my own place on campus and can never be housed with men or women. Which is nice because my place is not only gender neutral, but also clothes free as well. It’s also a Naked dorm room and a dorm room that is clothes free and all natural body types are accepted.

As far as getting involve on campus, it’s still a hit and miss. Though I did joined the campus’s Rugby club and plan on playing Rugby on campus as well. Which would make me the first Intersex person to play Ruby in College. Might cause some controversy because being born Intersex, which side would I play, Men or the women’s side. Though for me, I just want to play regardless of what team I am put on.

As far as for classes, I just doing my thing. Trying to pass my classes and move one step further towards Graduate school and Graduate Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner school. As far as for the semester, just trying to have fun and being myself regardless of where I am and trying to pass my classes and stay on top of my GPA as well.