Yearly update with the Nurse Practitioner

Today, I had my early update with my Nurse Practitioner to check my Hormone levels and a status update.  One thing she asked me was that whether I considered myself to be Male. I know she told me Medically I am male but because of my Micropenis and ambiguous genitalia. I am classed as being Intersex/DSD (Disorders of Sexual Development).

So for me, I just see myself as an incomplete male and an incomplete female. Which as a result is more in the area of biological indeterminate gender. I’m not nowhere near a Natural Normal biological male and female. I’m stuck in between and medically induced to make the appearance of looking male. Though how I see myself, I don’t see myself as a normal male or a female at all. I just see myself as someone stuck in between male and female. As a result, I am just a biological indeterminate gender and don’t have a natural gender to begin with. So naturally, I am neither male or female. I’m more like a tomboy in between both.

My Nurse Practitioner sees me as being Intersex/DSD and classes me as having Intersex/DSD. She knows about the DSD (Disorders of Sexual Development) manual and knows that Kallmann’s syndrome is classed as a Disorders of Sexual Development, which results me being classed as an Intersex condition as well.

One thing she did tell me is that medically, my Hormones are near a normal Male. She even told me, If I wasn’t on HRT, my Hormone levels, Naturally would not be near the level of a Natural human Male. So because of my genetic condition my Hormone levels are medically induced and I know that if I wasn’t on Hormones, they would be at a very low level.

As far as identifying as a Male, biologically no. That’s because biologically I was never born male and because of the micropenis and ambiguous genitalia. I’m just an incomplete male and an incomplete female. In terms of Genetics and DNA, I am just in the middle between a man and a woman. Though Medically, I am induced to look like a male. Without it, I would just look like young kid about to hit puberty.

So for me, My hormones are at a normal level and they are medically enhanced to make me look like a male, but Naturally, I will never be near a normal male or a normal female. It’s why for me, I just simply say I’m in the middle between male and female. I don’t see myself as male nor female and that’s because of Biology and Genetics. Also I do like my Nurse Practitioner is the main reason why I am going to college to be like her as well.