Spring break home

Well, So far the semester went out very well for me. I’m home on Spring break and being a middle class person, I simply can’t afford to travel or vacation on spring break. Maybe next year, when I can work hard enough to afford for a spring break vacation to a Nudist resort. I wouldn’t mind spending at least 4 or 5 days on spring break at a Nudist resort, which would be totally cool.

One thing that kicked off my spring break, was getting injured while playing floor hockey with my friends. I went full bore trying to stop a guy getting past me, but ended up slamming really hard to bleachers. Which I was knocked out unconscious for 10 seconds. I had a bruised shoulder and leg, which as a result of my injuries, I had to take a trip to the ER to be checked out before heading back to the dorm.

One of the weird things, was when I got to the hospital, the ER doc was curious about my Androderm patch on my arm and the medical condition, such as me being born with Kallmann’s syndrome. They were curious about my medical condition and wanted to know why I was on Androderm. One thing I found was odd, that they treated me like one of the guys and didn’t know that I’m neither male nor female because of my intersex/DSD condition. It was weird that the doc didn’t know what Intersex/DSD is. if I was treated back home, the hospital I go to, would know very well because it’s where I also go see my Endocrinologist and Nurse Practitioner as well.

So now, I’m home on spring break, recuperating from my sports injuries and studying up to finish the remainder of the last semester. When I get back, I have to register for my classes for the fall semester and possibly for the summer session as well. I have to find a chemistry class to the fall and during a summer, an ART class as well, to fulfill my Liberal arts core. Towards the end of the semester, plan my summer out including vacationing at a Nudist resort, getting my pistol permit, taking summer classes, work and preparing for the Fall semester.

So have fun ya, stay safe and watch your six ya