Post Spring break

Okay, post spring break, sitting here in the dorm room. You have to wonder why didn’t just simply go on vacation to have fun. I could have gone to a number of Nudist resorts in Florida for Spring break. Instead I was stuck at home all spring break recovering from a concussion and taking it easy. I should have gone on vacation or go on the alternative spring break, that my college offered.

One thing I learned about all this, is to have a plan in place for Spring break next year. Every spring break, I am always stuck at home on spring break, while everyone else is having fun. That’s why this year, I need to really plan for a spring break trip to a Nudist resort in Florida or some place down south. It would give me a chance on spring break to spend some time at a Nudist resort.

It’s why this year is the last year, I spend spring break stuck at home. I need to go out and have fun on spring break. Which is why I need to find work, start a fund for a spring break trip to a nudist resort and fund for the train trip. I simply need to have fun by myself during spring break, though having a friend come along would be cool as well. Which is why I definitely need a spring break vacation before I jump head first into Graduate Nursing school.

So as I get ready to finish out the academic year, I am going to study up, finish my papers and get ready for the stress of Final exams. Afterwards, stress about Summer, work and trying to have fun in the process.