Looking forward to the summer of 2013

As the Semester is winding down in the next couple of weeks, I have summer to look forward to. Which means I have decisions as to what I want to do for the summer of 2013. I know this summer, I do plan on making a trip to a Nudist resort, try to work in between to save money for the fall semester and Travel for the summer. I am even considering taking college classes in the summer to cut down my credit load and graduate faster. So I do have plans and ideas of what I want to do this summer.

One thing I don’t want to do is to be stuck at home during the summer and not doing anything or than responding to fire calls with the Fire dept. Like all my previous summers, I never had a chance to Travel or take a Vacation alone, by myself away from my family. So it’s why this year, I am trying at least have a summer vacation away from my family and at least by myself for once in my life. I just want to have an adventure, travel and at least something to do during the summer to remember when I am back in college in the Fall semester.

One thing I do plan to do this summer, is go to a Nudist Resort for either the 4th of July Weekend and for a Music festival at a Nudist resort. I plan to make one camping trip to a Nudist resort and spend a summer Nude in a Nudist Resort. It’s one of my things to do on my bucket list and one I wanted to when I started into Nudism.

So for my summer plans, I have things I want to do to stay occupied and keep busy during the summer. It can range from taking online courses during the summer or even Travel a bit during the summer. Which is why I try to have a good summer to remember when I am back in to college in the fall semester.