” Naturism is a Great Thing “

That’s one of the great things about Nudism, is body acceptance and accepting your body for what it is and not be pressured into altering your body. It’s why as an Intersex person and a Nudist, I am comfortable in my own body and accepting of my own natural intersex body and every natural unaltered body. Nudism is a great way to learn about body acceptance and accepting yourself.


The Naked Truth.........


Once more I find myself telling people that naturism is a great thing and how good it is now that the weather has turned for the better. I have to clarify too what naturism isn’t and why naturists should be respected just like every other member of the human race. I enjoy naturism, I love being naked, it makes me feel alive and most important it makes me feel good about myself. During the past few weeks we’ve managed to go for a couple of naked walks, been to our local club and also been naked at home too. Could I live a naked life ? Yes definitely…. Will I ? Probably not, because so much of society can’t handle seeing a naked body ,even though they’ve got one of their own, which they see at least once, every day of their life.


The perception of naturists as odd people…

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