My Intersex Body

My naked Self portrait
My naked Self portrait

As an Intersex/DSD person and a Nudist, my body is constantly being assaulted, erased and sexualized by society and many different people. My body as an Intersex/DSD is not the same as everyone. It’s neither male nor female and doesn’t have a biological sex of male or female. It’s no different from everyone else other than being born into a body that doesn’t have a sex or a gender. It has its flaws and imperfections, and almost everyone has their flaws and imperfections in their body. Which is why my body is no different from anyone else. It’s only different because of what I am born with.

My Intersex body is always assaulted by medical science who tries so hard to erase me and try to pigeon-hole me into the male and female gender system. They try to erase intersex people like me because people like me are comfortable with the skin I am in and happy with all the flaws and imperfections I am born with. Medical science tries so hard to erase the existence of Intersex/DSD people such as myself. They deny my existence and deny me as a human being. Medicine tries so hard to erase my medical condition and try to deny its existence. Medical science is fearful that an Intersex body like mines is not as perfect as they want to be and it doesn’t fit their view of what is a Male body and a Female body. One thing it tries to do is erase me as an Intersex person because they don’t like intersex people like me accepting our body for what it is and being comfortable with it. Which is why medicine is not comfortable with Intersex bodies and people like me who are Intersex and very accepting of our bodies and every flaw and imperfection that comes with it.

The other way my body get’s assaulted, is when you have creepy people who sexualized and fetishize my Intersex body. There are people out their who have sexualized and fetishized Intersex bodies and Intersex people like me. Their are even some within the LGBT community who have been known to use intersex people like me as props and pawns for their agenda. They even use them to legitimize and justify their agenda at my expense and dignity. I have even seen instances where some people have sexualized the intersex in a way that is very pornographic. I have seen where some have sexualized Intersex people and even make them look like as if being born with an Intersex condition is a sex and gender identity. Which is why an Intersex body such as mine is often sexualized by people because they think it’s kinky or porn like. They often see it as an excuse or a way to legitimize their agenda at their expense.

It’s why Intersex people like me have a hard time accepting our intersex bodies for what it is, when you have medical science who tries so hard to erase intersex people and you have people who sexualized and fetishize Intersex people. Intersex/DSD people such as myself need to have body acceptance and body freedom. We need to be comfortable and accepting of all our flaws and imperfections that were born with. We need to be happy with what we’re born with and know that No amount of surgery in the world is every going to an Intersex person happy. It’s why if their happy with their body and happy with all the flaws and imperfections. They will have that kind of happiness that surgery can never give.

It’s why as a Nudist myself, I am comfortable with my Intersex body. I am comfortable with all the flaws, Imperfections that I am born with. I know not too many people can say that their happy with all their body parts, but for me, I am happy with all of mine including my micropenis and my youthful look. I’m happy with the fact that my intersex flaws and imperfections makes me a very unique person and makes me very different. I contribute to the fact that being a nudist and being comfortable with my own skin, shows that I am very accepting of my Intersex body for what it is. It shows that I don’t need surgery to be happy, and I can be happy without surgery or any invasive medical intervention. Nudism has done wonderful things in terms of body acceptance and body freedom. As an Intersex person, I don’t have to be pressured in to the male and female system, and I can still be happy with who I am and be myself.

Which is why as an Intersex person and a Nudist, I am very comfortable with myself and all the flaws and Imperfections that I am born with. My intersex body is always assaulted by medical science who tries their hardest to erase intersex people like me. Even their have been people who have tried to sexualized and fetishize Intersex people like me as well. It’s why I try my hardest to be above them and above the influence to be myself and just be me regardless of what society and science say about Intersex people like me. I often say this, ” It’s hard to be someone else, but very easy to just be me”