Summer of 2013, here I come.

Summer (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Now that’s summer is here, and college classes are a distant memory. I have plenty of things I can do for the summer. Many places to see and many thing I need to do over the summer. Have an adventure that I can talk about when I get back in the fall semester. Summer is a time for me to have fun and fun I need to have this summer. I have to get away from my computer this summer more often and enjoy life away from the computer and life in the great outdoors. I have to have a summer, that I can remember for the rest of my Life.

One thing I plan on doing alot this summer, is spend time at a Nudist resort. Being a Nudist and mostly going out Skinny Dipping, I have never been to an organized Nudist resort and this summer, I have the time to spend this summer at a Nudist resort.  I always wanted to see what a Nudist resort is like because I have mostly been nude at Home, the college dorm or out skinny dipping. I have never seen what it’s like inside an organized Nudist resort. So it’s why this summer, I have some naked vacations I intend to take, with fellow nudist friends of mine. I want to be able to say that I have been to a Nudist resort and have seen a Nudist resort.

The other thing I am going to try to pull this summer, is make a trip to a Nude Beach and spend a weekend at a Nude beach. I know their are infamous nude beaches such as sandy hook in New Jersey and the ones in Cape Cod as well. I want to try to be able to go to a Nude beach and walk around in it. I have had plenty of people talked to me about nude beaches, and how it was fun being their. So for me, I am looking to do one this summer, as a way of saying, I have stepped foot on a Nude beach and spent a day in one.

On top of doing my stuff I do back home, I plan to have some serious fun and plan to have an adventure that I can talk about to people. I plan to have serious pictures that I can show to people my summer vacation and my summer adventures that I did. My summer this is is going to be a year that I get away from being stuck on  the computer and to have a serious LIFE outside of the computer. All this before I head back to college in Late August and back to all the stress and pressures of passing my classes and maintaining a solid good GPA.