AIC Launches First-of-Its-Kind Lawsuit, Sues for Irreparable Harm Resulting from Surgery

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AIC Launches First-of-Its-Kind Lawsuit, Sues for Irreparable Harm Resulting from Surgery | Advocates for Informed Choice.

This is why as an Intersex person and a supporter of Advocates for Informed Choice, I am really, Really appalled at what the State of South Carolina has done to that Intersex person. What they have done brings up all the bad memories of my childhood intersex surgeries that were done on me without my consent or my knowledge. It’s why we need federal laws banning the outright of genital surgery or sex surgery on Intersex kids and intersex adults. This kind of practice has to stop, and we need to make an example out of South Carolina by telling them that it’s wrong for them to do genital surgery on Intersex kids and without their knowledge or consent.

As an Intersex person myself, I am deeply upset that some state in America has the nerve to forcibly do genital surgery on an intersex child in order to be adopted. It’s just so wrong on so many levels, and it violates not only the intersex child’s rights, it sets them up to be damaged for the rest of their life.  What the state of South Carolina just did, is the modern-day version of eugenics where intersex kids like MC are forced into a male or female society in order to fit in. They Forced MC without their consent or permission to do genital surgery, and it violates MS’s Human rights and MC’s Reproductive Rights as well.

Which is why I hope that Advocates for Informed choice, sues the hell out of the state of South Carolina. What they did to that Intersex child is wrong and that state is setting up the child to be screwed for LIFE.

So if Ya can, please support Advocates for Informed choice in my name for MC and help them Fight for MC. They need all the Help and support they can.

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