A college year all summed up

So far, my academic year in college is better than I expected. I did well, and I’m surprise I am doing better than expected. College is going well, and I am expected to graduate no later than 2016. Which would put me in a position to head into either Physician Assistant School or Nurse Practitioner school. So far, my expectation of college is going well for me. I made some friends including a Campus Police officer as a friend on campus. I have my own social network, and I am doing things that I would not be able to do in my last college. What’s nice, is that I am able to graduate on time and have a clear plan for graduate school.

One of the nicest things in college, being that I’m the first one on campus to have Gender Neutral Housing. Being born deaf in one ear and being born with an Intersex condition, I am one of the first students ever on campus to have gender neutral housing and have my own room. Which means during my first year in college, I was their testbed for Gender Neutral housing to see how it works,what didn’t work and how they can make it better. Because of me and one of the major contributions I made to Eastern Connecticut State University, was that I made Gender neutral housing and disability housing possible for current and future students on campus. I’m their first and only student known to have the gender neutral housing on campus. I get gender neutral housing because of my intersex medical condition and my deaf disability. It’s one of the nice perks of having my own dorm room on campus.

So far, my summer is going ok. I know I’d like to work during the summer, but as we all know the economic climate in America is not the greatest and that the job market is very poor in this country. Though next summer, I am seriously going to plan on study abroad either in Europe or Asia such as Paris France or Bangkok Thailand. I need to have one overseas trip before I head into Graduate school. Other than that, I don’t mind being home for the summer, though I do like being on campus alot because of the social scene and people to hang out with as well.

So I can’t wait to get back to my dorm in the fall and get back to college as well. I don’t mind being at home  during the summer, but I seriously get bored sometimes. So for me, the only way I can get through the boredom, is the play Modern warfare 2 & 3 online and play with my family as well. So I am enjoying my summer and if I get a chance, I will finish my poetry book and work on my 3rd one in the fall semester as well.