NSA spying scandal wake up call

In light of the scandal surrounding the NSA spying on American‘s Internet. It’s clear that privacy is very important to Americans, and Americans are waking up to the fact that when they go online, big brother could be watching them as well. I have always advocated for Encryption and privacy. I’ve been a strong advocate of people using military grade encryption and locking down their Internet from prying eyes of big brother. Even advocating using very strong passwords to protect their accounts from being hacked and stolen by people.

Which is why for me, I use PGP when ever I want to send confidential and very private Email. All my important Files on my computer are encrypted by PGP. Even on all my web accounts, I use Keepass to store them and even create a very strong unhackable password. Even my most important Files are kept on a virtual hard drive called Truecrypt. Which I use to keep my personal and financial documents on. Even when I browse the web, I use services to hide where I go online such as  Tor and web proxies to hide my IP as well.

It’s why after the NSA domestic spying scandal that went viral on all the Media outlets, I am recommending that people lockdown their Internet and make sure big brother isn’t snooping and spying on what your doing online. Based on what I use to protect myself online, I am making a List of all Computer security hardware that I think people can use to protect themselves online. So here is my list of recommended gear for keeping your online presence private and very secure.

Email Security


If You have Mozilla Thunderbird, I highly recommend you add Enigmail because it encrypts your email and makes it very hard to read. Only the person you sent the Email to can read the email. I use it on my Mozilla Thunderbird, and I have no problems. Here’s the link http://www.enigmail.net/home/index.php


It’s an open source PGP that uses military grade encryption and OpenPGP. I use it to complement Enigmail and makes it work better. Here’s the link http://www.gnupg.org/


This is another open sourced PGP program that you can use to encrypt files and folders on computers. It works because you can make sure that your very important files are never hacked or seen by prying eyes. Here’s the link http://gpg4win.org/index.html

Password Management


This is one of my top rated password management software that I use all the time. I use Keepass to Manage my passwords online. I use keepass to create passwords that are very hard to hack and are kept very secure from prying eyes. I use it on Smartphone, computer, USB Flash drive and even on my PortableAPPS drive as well. It’s even backed up on Dropbox as well. Kneepass is good for those who know how to manage passwords and want to create a hard to hack passwords.  It’s one option that I highly recommend for people. Here’s the link: http://keepass.info/


Lastpass is another Password manager that I recommend for beginners who want to get started on password security and management. Lastpass is simple enough for beginners to secure their online accounts and create a very strong password to prevent people from hacking their accounts. Here is the link: https://lastpass.com/

File Security


One and only one I recommend to keep your files private and secure is Truecrypt. I use Truecrypt to keep my very important files private on a virtual and hidden Hard drive on my computer. Truecrypt creates a virtual hard drive on your computer, making it very hard to find and at the same time keeping. Which is why I use Truecrypt to keep my personal and financial information very secure and private. So here’s the link: http://www.truecrypt.org/

Web Security


Tor is one software, if you want to browse online privately and anonymously. I use it when I want to browse online privately without leaving a trail of where I been online. It hides my location and hides where I surf online. I use it when I want to see websites that I don’t want people to know. Here’s the link https://www.torproject.org/index.html.en


I use Trashmail when I want to create a disposable Email account without revealing my personal email. It a perfect way to hide your personal email and create a disposable email that can’t be traced back to your personal email. Here’s the Link https://ssl.trashmail.net/

My Username Generator

How many times have you had to create a username or a unique username. You keep using the same old one again and again. Which is why I am recommending My Username generator because it helps you create a unique username that is very different. For privacy, you can create a unique name that isn’t connected to you. So here’s the link http://myusernamegenerator.com/


I recommend ProXPN when you are traveling and keep your privacy, private. It helps keep your online presence private and secure from prying eyes. It creates a VPN  that is very secure and private from prying eyes. I use it when I want to create a secure tunnel to the internet so that people or anyone don’t know where I am using it from. Here’s the link: http://proxpn.com/

As you can seen, I use these softwares and programs that lock down my computer. I make it harder for people to track me and find me online. Even make it harder for people to snoop online or on my computer. All my files are either encrypted with PGP or Truecrypt to protect it from prying eyes.  Which is why in light of the NSA domestic spying scandal, it’s a wake up call for all Americans to take internet and computer security very, very seriously. It just shows, that if big brother can spy on what you do online, they can see what your doing as well.

It’s why I am recommending that people use what ever internet and computer security measures that are available online to protect their privacy and security. I use it all the time and Use it to hide my location and hide my important files and records.