Yet another single male nudist. Best to avoid him.

Which is why Nudism has a male and homophobia problem that seriously needs to be addressed. Too often, single men get singled out, which is unfair and very discriminatory. I feel nudism needs to come clean and clean up its fear of single men and their homophobia in nudism and the nudist community.


Naked Historia

There are a lot more single men than single women naturists.  This is a major issue that has been much debated for decades and yet nothing seems to be changing.  If anything the situation is getting worse.

I think a major concern for single female naturists is feelings of vulnerability. In a clothed social environment women are far more likely to have unwanted attention from men than the other way around. To be honest, men seem far more likely to get unwanted attention from other men than from women. This is why women usually go clubbing in groups. For security, as much as for company.
In a naturist context the single man, not anticipating unwanted attention, has far fewer qualms about going to nude social events than a single woman.

Whilst the gender balance is intended to prevent women from feeling overwhelmed by too many men and getting lots of…

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