First time dressing fully male. Sorry for bad quality (FtM)

This doesn’t look like dressing very Male like to me and no Male I know of would dress looking like that. I saw this on Reddit today and had a nice laugh. If this is what the FTM is going for in trying to look and pass herself as a male. Then she is committing a huge fashion felony and seriously needs a gut and reality check.  In fact, this is what I would have seen way back in the 1980’s when Madonna started out. It’s what you would seen back then when girls wanted to wear and dress like Madonna. I frankly think FTM’s are doing the worse caricature of 80’s fashion, and it must be something that they have a hard time grasping or understanding. Though sadly, I would not call her Male because she doesn’t pass for Male or look very male, but pass for an 80’s style female. It’s because of the female body, female frame and baby bearing hips. It’s basically a girl trying to look like a dude, but fails at it and looks more like a tomboy girl from the 1980’s.