MPP Cheri DiNovo: Toby’s Act made Same-Sex gatherings in Ontario illegal for Women

Talk about oppressing Biological women’s rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of expression. It seems like Canada is oppressing the rights of Biological born women to assemble and speak their mind freely. I’m glad I live south of the border in the land of the free and home of the Brave. I’m glad I live in a country with a democracy and respects the rights of people. What Canada is trying to do is suppress the rights of women because some Man in a dress, thinks biological born women don’t have the right to speak their mind or assemble in private. It’s clear that these trans, who are really Men in dresses are using laws to oppress and suppress the rights of Biological born women. That’s why I am glad that America has the Bill of Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom of religion and the 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Something, that makes everyone envious of Americans.  It’s why Biological women of Canada need to wake up and fight this before they realize their rights are taken away by these men in dresses.



File this one under “unintended consequences” for Lesbians, Gays, and Women’s Rights advocates living in Ontario. MPP Cheri DiNovo announced Friday that bill C-389, “Toby’s Act”, the 2012 bill she sponsored which intended to protect the rights of transgender persons, actually makes all same-sex gatherings illegal in the province. This will come as some surprise to many lesbians and gays who often exercise their rights to assemble freely in meetings, conferences, and social groups with other same-sex persons.  In addition, DiNovo claims the right of Ontarian women to assemble in any same-sex gatherings: whether they be reproductive rights orgs, Islamic faith gatherings, or lesbian support groups- has been eliminated by her bill. She has appealed to the Ontario Human Rights Council to back up her legal position.

DiNovo made her announcement in response to male complaints surrounding a small group of feminists holding a female-only meeting in a Toronto art…

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