My Naked weekend at Juniper woods

My weekend being naked at Juniper woods with YNA (Young Naturist America) was very interesting and very memorable. I enjoyed every minute of my time at Juniper woods. That place gave me memories that can last a lifetime. I enjoyed being naked and nude so much that at times I forgot the time of day or if I was ever wearing clothes. Even as an Intersex person, sex and gender was no issues for me and no issues at a nudist camp because biological sex and biological gender were meaningless and everyone including intersex people was all on equal footing. The place was so awesome, and the people there were very open, understanding and most of all, accepting of all body types, shapes and forms. What was also nice was that as an Intersex person and a nudist, I was accepted as a person and even using the bathroom, I used the women’s bathroom and was very comfortable in their.

When I arrived into Hudson, NY, I was picked by the owner of Juniper woods, Jim, who is a very nice man and a very awesome man. The minute I set foot on the grounds, I knew I was at home and comfortable in my skin. After I checked in at the office, which was right next to the swimming pool which they often times call it the conversation pool. I headed straight to the tent area and set up my tent for the weekend. It did not take that long to set up and after stowing everything away, I stripped right down to my Naked skin and headed right to the swimming pool. The swimming pool, was great and it felt very good to swim Naked in the pool. I felt this relief of swimming in my skin and not having to worry about dressing to impress people.

As the evening came in, more and more people came from YNA. Even the people I was friends with on Facebook, where I finally got to meet my friends from YNA, such as Jordan, Brandon and Felicity. At the same time, I got to meet some new people who I now made some life long friends as well. As everyone started putting up their Tents, the tenting area at Juniper woods became a Tent city and a showroom to showcase any new tents people were interest in buying. After we all settled in, we started having an evening dinner and everyone got to meet & Greet people. At that night, it also rained very badly, but lucky, my Tent held up and I stayed dry.

On Saturday, I was very cloudy, but a very fun weekend. I rotated between the regular swimming pool and the conversation pool. The conversation pool is a hot tub that people go to, to get warm and having a very good conversation. The conversation pool was very nice because it loosened my stiff and sore muscles and ever relaxed me to the point that I forgot where I was or what time of day it was. I loved the conversation pool so much because I was able to relax, be open about myself and meet new people. It was also on that day, where I got to meet some more people and made some new friends as well. I also played naked volleyball in the pool, which I thought was very interesting and fun. I also was part of an AANR Record breaking attempt to see how many people in one day they can get to skinny dip in the pool. I was part of it, and it was very interesting and fun to part of the world record attempt.  I had a great day, and I had time to relax, catnap and even take in on the grounds of Juniper woods. For dinner, I was able to cook dinner, and it was also the first time I cooked in the nude outdoors.  What was nice was that they had a Woodstock party and everyone got a chance to dance naked, which I did, and it was so liberating. We also that late night at a naked bon fire where we all sang songs and told some scary ghost stories.  It was very nice because I was able to sit by the bon fire in the nude and was able to reflect and try to remember this weekend.

On Sunday, when the sun finally came out it was a day I didn’t want to forget or let go. The sun was shining and beaming down on my naked skin, and I was very much soaking as much sun as I can. I had a very good breakfast as well and after wards, went for a nice dip in the pool. Which to cool off and socialize with other people. Afterwards, I went to my tent, cleaned it out, packed it up when I need to go home, I can go home. After that I went back to the pool and had a dip and played Naked water volleyball again, which was very fun. I had a chance to hike the trails nude, and that was a first and very fun. I got to enjoy hiking nude and felt very close to nature when I went hiking nude. I got to feel the wind flowing through my naked body and my ambiguous genitals and even got a chance to be naked and one with nature.

So for my YNA weekend at Juniper woods, it was the best weekend I have ever had and the Best Summer that I can remember for the rest of my life. Juniper woods is one of my favorite Nudist camp grounds and a place I would highly recommend to those who want to try out nudism. It has a very rustic look and feel, but it let’s you be very close to Nature as possible. The people their including Jim are very friendly and very open. I enjoyed my weekend at Juniper woods and sorry, I could not take any photographs because that is their rules. I am sure going to plan on being at Juniper woods next year and even for their Memorial day weekend and 4th of July Event. One thing I have to say, is that when Nude camping, always make sure you have everything on hand and make sure you have a tent that has room and can survive the rain storm. Also bring, either an Air mattress, cot or a Mattress pad. My weekend at Juniper woods was very amazing and very relaxing. I enjoyed the place is so much that I often wished I stayed there forever. Though I will be visiting the place next summer and make it my summer vacation.

Also, so now, when people say, have they ever been to a Nudist resort, I can now officially say I have been to a Nudist resort and have camped out for a weekend in a Nudist resort. This is something I am going to remember for a long, time and something I am often going to be talking about when I get back to college this fall. I’ll bet you now that people will never top, what I have been though and what kind of summer I had.

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