Baby Steps Into Nudism

I couldn’t agree more that It takes baby steps for people to be introduced to non-sexual nudism.


Slayerx1010 Studios

A lot of nudists think the world is ready for the public, nonsexual, clothes-free lifestyle. Are they right in thinking so? There is plenty of evidence to show you the opposite is present. There are people all over America that think a female nipple is all sorts of sexual and makes you a target for a rapist. People are still somewhat grossed out by the sight of a male nipple. Islam still refuses to let women show the cheeks of their freaking faces, let alone their whole body.

What on earth makes a nudist think the world is ready for full nudity in public? I admit, I from time to time just want the world to accept full nonsexual nudity right now, but I know it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Probably not going to happen in my lifetime. We nudists must realize this: men weren’t allowed to go…

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