Nude camping, my experience

Camping nude at a nudist resorts is one of those thing you have to experience once in your lifetime.  When you do experience camping nude in a Nudist resort, it’s one of those things you get hooked on and want to do again and again. As what I did last weekend and I enjoyed my weekend at Juniper woods Nudist campground. Camping nude can be an experience that your need to be their to experience it. I enjoyed it so much that I’m now hooked into Nude camping and going to nudist resorts for the weekends or holidays.

Once you take the clothes out and feel the wind flowing through your skin, you then feel that freedom from clothes and feel like your young again. Even for me as an intersex person a nudist, camping nude, lets me be free of all the sex and gender and be equal with nature. When you’re at a Nudist resort, you don’t see biological sex or biological gender because everyone there is equally the same. Even for me, when I was at a Nudist resort, I was treated like one of the women and treated equally. One thing about Nude camping is that you never have to worry about Tan lines and never having to worry if people are judging you on the size of your breast or your penis. In this case, I have a micropenis and no one said anything about it. Which was why being a nudist, I learned to accept my intersex body for what it is and accept all the biological flaws that I have.

Being nude in a camp ground was very fun and let me be a young gain. I never had to worry about putting on clothes or even putting on a swimsuit. My naked intersex body was my clothes and my swimsuit. Even out and around the campground, I wasn’t even worried about putting clothes, other than putting stun tan lotion on. Camping nude allowed me to do all the things without having to worry about wearing clothes or putting on a tight swimsuit. It allowed my body to be free and even feel the wind flowing through my body. I even got to go swimming and hiking totally Nude, which I liked very much and enjoyed.

What camping dose for me, is it lets me be free of myself and let’s me get back to Nature. I was able to enjoy all the things naturally and I never once had to worry about my biological sex or biological gender. I was myself, and I was who I am in the flesh. Being Nude, you never had to worry about soiling your clothes or trying to dress up. Though in the evening, some did have a sarong on to keep cool and to be able to sit down on chairs.  If there is one thing I learned at a Nudist resort is, that I never had to dress up to impress people. I was who I am, and people can take it or leave it. At Juniper woods, I was accepted for who I am and accepted as a person and a Human being. Most knew I was an Intersex person and never made an issue. Even when my Micropenis, ambiguous genitals were out, people asked questions, but never made it an issue. One of the surprising parts was that while I was camping nude, as an Intersex person, I got to use the women’s bathroom because at a Nudist camp ground, gender and sex are meaningless. Which for me made me feel safe, relaxed and comfortable that no one was judging me.

It’s why Nude camping is something I like and something I plan on doing for a long time. The nice part of Nude camping is that it cost less, and you never have to pack extra clothes. All I went with is a Tent, Sleeping back, Air mattress and some prepackaged camp food and cooking gear. Which I should have gotten a Family cabin tent with a screen porch and a case of MRE‘s as well. Next year I will get a bigger cabin Tent for nude camping on the weekends and holidays. I’ll make sure I buy a portable cooking gear as well. All in all, I enjoyed camping nude for the weekend and I enjoyed my weekend at a Nudist resort.



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  1. Great article, I’ve never actually camped at a resort but been to one on a day visit with my wife.. she’s not that keen to get involved with the social nudity scene just yet but very happy to go nude with me, in fact this coming Aussie Summer she wants to go nude camping in the wilderness with me.

    I told her I wanted to go camping in a remote spot & be naked the whole time, skinny dipping/bushwalking etc & she said “yes, I want to do that!.. it will get me out of my comfort zone”


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