Intersex/DSD people are not Queer

This came across my email this morning on my IPOD, and when I read it I was very pissed and made my blood boil. It was written by a M2T on Huffington Post, and I was mad as hell at the assertion this M2T made about Intersex people. What I was made about was that this M2T on Huffington post called Intersex people, queer and tried to label Intersex people as queer. It pissed me off and made me very mad because as an Intersex person and an Intersex activist, Intersex people are not queer. They are normal human beings with a genetic medical condition. There is nothing sexual about being born intersex,and Intersex is NOT a gender Identity.

It pissed me off because this M2T by the name of Danielle Kaufman made an assertion that Intersex people are queer. It pissed me off and made me mad as hell because being born with an Intersex condition, there is nothing queer about being born Intersex and having a genetic Medical condition. It made me mad because this M2T  made an assertion that being born intersex had something to do with being queer. He tries to equate being born intersex with a gender identity, which is very typical of transgender people who try so hard to reduce Intersex people into a sexual orientation or a gender identity. This one paragraph in that post that pissed me off the most is this;

“Intersex” is something that never used to get talked about. It turns out that genitalia, both internal and external, are also subject to malformation. Doctors previously might not even tell the parents there’s a problem. When asked what sex the baby is, the doctor would say, “It’s not fully developed; we’ll need to run some tests.” Then they’d make the child physically female, because it’s much easier to create female external genitalia than male. And then they would simply announce that the child is a girl. This is a real problem, because everyone has imprinted in their brain a gender. Our society acts like, and I truly believed most of my life, a person’s gender identity is simply the body they have. Clearly, that’s not the case, and a small percentage of humans have a gender identity that’s discordant with their bodies.

What pissed me the most about that paragraph is the assertion he makes about Intersex people being a sex and gender identity. What also pissed me, what that he tries to make a claim that gender is imprinted in the brain. Which science as not been able to proven on the so-called brain sex theory. With the post itself, it makes an assertion that Intersex people are part of the LGBT community. When in reality most Intersex people don’t see themselves as part of the LGBT community.  Most intersex people try to see themselves as a normal human being with a genetic medical condition their born with. This one makes a defamatory assertion that Intersex people are part of the LGBT machine and i believe he did that because he’s trying to inflate his numbers and make his community look big when in reality looks very tiny.

It’s why as an Intersex person and an Intersex activist, I am not happy when people make assertions that Intersex people like myself are queer. It’s very offensive, very derogatory and on top of that very demeaning towards Intersex/DSD people. It just smacks in the face of every Intersex/DSD person because what that one blogger is trying to say is that Intersex people are queer people. To me that was very derogatory because it tries to erase me as an Intersex person and tries to reduce me and every intersex person to a sum of body parts.

It’s why as an Intersex person, I try so hard to distance Intersex from the LGBT machine because we Intersex people need a safe space of our own to heal and recover from all the medical abuse that as done to use. At the same time I try to get the Intersex name far away from the Transgender community because as an Intersex person, we don’t have anything in common with them and are clearly different from them in terms of biology and medical science. That’s why I fight so hard for Intersex people and fight for their rights as well.




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