What I learned at a Nudist resort

English: Nude hiking in Gard, Summer 2008, wit...
English: Nude hiking in Gard, Summer 2008, with 39 persons Deutsch: Eine Gruppe Nacktwanderer Français : randonnée du Galinier, dans le Gard, été 2008 avec 39 personnes participantes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I learned through Nudism, this past summer is about body acceptance and myself. I learned that being a nudist, you are not judged by any qualifiers, labels or even what kind of clothes you are wearing. You are judged by who you are, what you are and what you come as. I learned that by spending a weekend at a Juniper Woods Nudist resort. It taught me a lot about myself and how labels, qualifiers and what kind of clothes you wear are meaningless as a nudist. They all add up to barriers to knowing the real natural you and the real self. I even notice this within the LGBT community, where their are qualifiers, labels and identities before the real you and the authentic self. It’s a stark contrast between the two, and how labels, qualifiers and identities add up to barriers in knowing the real self.

In Nudism, as I learned you are never judged by any qualifiers, labels, clothing and identities. Your more judged by who you are, what you are and what you come as. Even when you are naked, their is no clothes that can identify you or label you as. You skin that your born with, is what people look at you and think of your.  You clothes are no longer a barrier to finding out the real you. When your naked, labels seem to disappear because they become meaningless when your nude. What I experienced as a Nudist is that when your naked, all those labels, identities and qualifiers seem to fade away and disappear from you. What your left is the real you , the Authentic self and their’s nothing that attaches to you. Which is why as a Nudist, when I’m naked, all those labels, Male, Female, Intersex disappear and all I am left with is Human being. It’s the only thing left that people judge you by and think of you as. It’s why as a Nudist, you learn that labels, identifiers and qualifiers are meaningless. Your a human being first, everything else is secondary.

That’s why in comparison to the LGBT community you come with Labels, identities, qualifiers and what clothes you wear. Your judged by who your, what your are and what labels, identifies and qualifiers you have. Your not judged on the real you or the real self. They place labels, identities and qualifiers above the real self and you never, ever get to know the real authentic person. It’s where they have these multiple barriers to knowing the real inner self and hide behind so many walls, labels and identities. They even try to come in with qualifiers such as bisexual or trans before knowing the real self. It’s why the LGBT in comparison to the Nudist community, it relies so much on labels, identities and qualifiers. It places so much emphasis on labels, identities and qualifiers, that it is often very hard to know the real authentic person within the LGBT community.

That’s why as a Nudist you learn to look pass all those labels, identities, qualifiers and look at the real authentic self. When Your naked and nude, their is nothing that can label you, identify you and even qualifiers that you carry with. Your complete naked self is the real you. Your mainly judged on who you are, what you and what you come as. In my case, when I am naked and nude, I am a human being, I’m neither male nor female. Their are no qualifiers, labels or identities that are attached to me. When I am clothed, I am Intersex and biologically indeterminate gender, tomboy. It’s why as an intersex person and a Nudist, I try to preach that labels, identities and qualifiers are meaningless and don’t reveal the real you and the authentic self. It’s why for me, labels, identities and qualifiers are meaninglessand they don’t mean nothing to me, and I don’t hold any value to labels, identities and qualifiers. It’s why people need to get away from labels, identities and qualifiers. They don’t hold any value and don’t reveal the real you.