Creeps have no respect for boundaries

It seems like creeps, and creepy people have no respect for boundaries. It seems like people who come online act very childish and can’t respect each other and learn to either agree or disagree with people. More recently, I have been a victim of a vicious attacks by transgender extremist for making comments on Just Jennifer‘s blog. What’s happening is that you have transgender kooks and extremist, who claim to be women, but behave and attack people like Men. Attacking me for disagreeing with them and citing their comments on other people’s blogs on Just Jennifer’s blog. This all started when I commented on Just Jennifer’s blog on the topic of Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor. In Which Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor has started to harass, stalk bully and intimidate me. Even to the point of trying to intimidate me into silence by dragging old blogs and links to where I go online.

What’s happening is, that you have transgender extremist/kooks who are Men with a penis in a dress. Attacking anyone who disagrees with their delusions. Even with the slightest disagreements, these transgender extremist will lash out and attack you like the Men that they are. They have been doing that to me since I commented on Just Jennifer’s blog, and since then, Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor has been on a futile campaign to try to silence me and intimidate me in hiding. Which will never happen because I am very resilient and I never back down. Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor even got other transgender kooks and extremist such as Suzan Cooke to try to silence me and intimidate me by reposting his nonsense.

Which is why I don’t back down when you have creeps who try to silence and intimidate people. Even for someone like me who has been bullied and harassed in the past and in my childhood and teenage years. I’m not that easy to be pushed over because after a while you learn to build a thick skin and learn that you don’t take shit from bullies or anyone that tries to intimidate me. I learned over a decade to stand up against anyone who tries to bully or intimidate me. You don’t let people intimidate you or bully you into silence, and it’s why I never let anyone intimidate me or bully me, no matter who or what they are. I’m not that easy to be knocked down or silenced, so no matter how hard they try, they are never going to silence me or intimidate me.

As far as  Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Suzan Cooke, They are just men with a penis in a dress who have a fetish for women. That’s coming from Just Jennifer’s blog and her take on people such as Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Suzan Cooke.  They may claim to be women, but in reality are penis bearing men with male thinking, male mentality and male behavior. Even Just Jennifer knows that Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Suzan Cooke are autogynephilie men who have a fetish and fantasy for women. Which I agree with Just Jennifer’s assertions about Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Suzan Cooke.   They are Men who can’t learn to disagree with people and are trying to silence, intimidate and bully and Intersex person into hiding.

If you ever wonder why Intersex people have a dislike for transgender people, just take a look at who’s in the transgender community. Just look at what kind of people they have and how they act, behave and think. Good example, go read Just Jennifer’s blog and you’ll see why people such as Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Suzan Cooke are a problem for Radical feminist, Lesbian women, Biological born women and Intersex people.

Which is why I tend to laugh at these creeps because, they can never get to me, bully me or intimidate me. All their attempts will fail spectacular and backfire on them. They are twisting in the wind and are showing how truly unstable they are.