What a summer

Boy, oh boy, what a summer. One moment, I was finishing up my final exams and jumping ship from my dorm in May. Next thing you know, I turned around and it’s the Middle of June. Then turn around again, it’s the 4th of July weekend. Then I turn around now, it’s the month of August, and I’m looking forward to getting back to college at the end of the month. It just seems like my summer went way too fast and didn’t slow down. I didn’t get enough time to go out and enjoy summer.  I guess summer for me, has gone by very quickly and really fast. It’s now that I am into August,, you have those back to school sales going on and those tax-free shopping weeks. The one thing I can say I really did this summer, was spent the weekend camping at Juniper woods Nudist resort. Which for next summer, I plan on doing more Nude camping as well.

Though all I am saying is that my summer went by way too fast and way to quick. I didn’t even get a chance to hang out at a beach or go out-of-town. Summer was way too fast for me and way too short. I guess this is expected cause when you’re in Graduate school, you don’t have a summer vacation. Your either in a class or lab or clinical rotation year round. So I am gona have to get use to shorter summers and plug-in nude vacations when I can.  For now, just enjoy what ever summer I have left and get ready for the Fall semester, cause it’s gona be a wild ride in the fall semester.