Promoting Intersex/DSD

One thing I tend to notice as an Intersex/DSD person is that people don’t know what Intersex and DSD (Disorders of Sexual Development). It’s kind of weird when other rare diseases or conditions get the spotlight. You often wonder why Intersex/DSD conditions go unnoticed by people. I have notice it to and have notice that people often confuse or conflate intersex people with Transgender people or use the older outdated term called hermaphrodite.  Even myself, I have notice at times when people don’t understand what it means to be born Intersex.  Even don’t know that Intersex/DSD is made up of many intersex conditions under it, from Kallmann’s syndrome, Klinefeltner’s syndrome, Androgen insensitivity syndrome, Turners Syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

It’s why as an Intersex/DSD person myself, I try very hard to advocate for Intersex/DSD people and educate people on what Intersex is and what Disorders of Sexual development is as well. I don’t use junk science or pseudoscience to promote Intersex people. I use what is current, proven and factual science and medical based information. It’s what being pushed by the medical and scientific community at the moment.  At the same time as a Nudist, I try to promote body acceptance and acceptance of Intersex people and their bodies. I often tell people who there is no shame in being born with an intersex condition and being born with an Intersex body. I even promote the fact that Nudism has help me come to terms with being born intersex and being happy with the body that I have and knowing that no amount of surgery or invasive medical intervention will make me happy. It’s why I am very happy with the body I have and I’m very comfortable with my intersex body for what it is.

The thing I do see alot is people try to conflate Intersex people with transgender people. They think and assume that Intersex/DSD people are the same as trans.  Which alot of Intersex groups such as Accord Alliance has said that Intersex is not the same as transgender.  Unless you’re an educated person and have a background in biological science, you would know there is a difference. The difference for Intersex goes beyond psychological and social. It goes into the biological, physiological and genetic level. That’s why, when you tell people your born intersex. People think and assume your trans and don’t really understand that there is a difference. My theory about why people tend to conflate Intersex people with transgender people, is because I think there are some transgender people who have sexualize or fetishized what it means to be born with an Intersex condition. As a result, you get people and society who have a hard time distinguishing the difference between Intersex people and Trans people.

It’s why for me, I find it very hard to promote the acceptance of Intersex/DSD people, when there are myths that people still cling on to, about Intersex and Disorders of Sexual development. It makes it hard, but I do the best I can and I never give up advocating and promoting Intersex/DSD people. It’s why I try so hard to dispel the myths about Intersex/DSD people. I even educate people about Intersex/DSD people when they ask me about my Androderm patch on my arm or when I am nude at a Nudist resort and they see my micropenis, I tell them what it is. It’s my hope that if more and more people understand what Intersex people is, who they are and the difference between Intersex people and Transgender people. People will be able to understand what it really means to be born with an Intersex condition.