Twitter cracking down on Trolls

Thanks to the Male idiots who went after Female Members of Parliament in the UK with rape threats and physical violent threats on twitter. Twitter is now cracking down on them and cracking down on anyone who pulls this kind of crap. I think all social media sites should do the same thing and crack down on anyone abusing the service. My belief is that this kind of behavior is the reason people are stalked, harassed, bullied, threatened and intimidated online. In the past, online sites would not do anything to stop it or prevent it. Now it reached a point when some male douchebags in the UK posted rape threats and threats of violence to Female Members of Parliament in the UK.

In my opinion, online sites should start a total ban on anyone who breaks their rules and should ban them by IP address, Email address and MAC address as well. They should also have an automatic rule where anyone violating the rules will get an automatic police notification and let the legal system play its course. Like Twitter, other social media sites need to seriously crack down on anyone who use their sites to harass, stalk, bully and intimidate anyone.  You wonder why you have vulnerable people who have committed suicide over the what was said on online.  All because some douchebag wanted to make fun out of someone. Maybe now, since Twitter is cracking down on trolls, other social media sites should take notice and follow Twitters lead as well.

Also to the women, that get this kind of abuse from these men online. I firmly believe in the right to carry a pistol for self-defense, and I believe women or anyone should have the right to carry a firearm to defend themselves. They should have the right to stand their ground and defend themselves if attacked or threatened by anyone online or in society.  Society should not be tolerating this kind of abuse and stupidity and the Gene pool seriously needs a filter change.

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