Domaine Naturiste de La Jenny

La Jenny is one of those Nudist resorts I would like to visit in my Lifetime in France. If I ever have the money or Vacation time, I would surely do it in a Heart beat. La Jenney is one of France’s biggest Nudest resorts and Rivals any that are run and owned in North America for its shear size of the Nudist resort. France is one of those countries with a liberal attitude towards sex , nude, nudity and  nudism.


The Meandering Naturist

Where to begin the account of our long, usually amazing (but sometimes stormy), relationship with the expansive naturist resort on the Cote d’Argent (Silver Coast) of southwest France – Domaine Residential Naturiste La Jenny.  Suffice it to say… this is a long one!

While I’m not typically inclined to statements with self-aggrandizing superlatives, I have probably put more information out there on the web about La Jenny than any other American naturist.  You can find loads of banter about La Jenny and the other south Atlantic resorts on various French naturist forums like VivreNu, but of course, it’s all in French!  I have reviews up on Trip Advisor (which need to be updated) and two previous website endeavors that have since been lost from my archives, but are probably still floating around out there someplace in cyberspace.

(Should you wish to see our entire itinerary, you can…

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