One very sick mentally disturbed man

You know what really grinds my gears, when people who fake a disability to take advantage of people’s sympathy and advantage at those who have REAL legitimate disabilities. Take the case of Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White, an M2T from Salt Lake City, UT who is living a triple double life as a fake paraplegic, fake intersex person, fake lesbian and a fake woman. Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White, who is in reality Clive Jennings-white is a biological born Man who wants to be a woman, Lesbian, Paraplegic and an Intersex.  He wants to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Even wants doctors to go against medical ethics and their oath to fulfill Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White fantasy and to make him permanently disabled.

It just makes you sick to your stomach at the lengths people will go though to fulfil their sick fetishistic fantasies and the people who are enabling Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White to fulfil his sick fantasies and not referring him to psychiatric help.

For the most part Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White goes around in a wheelchair pretending to be disabled, pretending to be paraplegic. He even pretends to have an Intersex condition.  On top of his Fake lesbian and faux womanly look. He goes around pretending to be disabled and trying to take advantage of all the things that Disabled people have. He tries to steal their sympathy and the compassion that disabled people get. Even goes around parading his fake disability to anyone who is gullible enough to listen to his sick fetishistic SOB story. Even is seeing a psychotherapist who seems to be indulging on his fantasies instead of sorting them out.

What people really don’t know about Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is that he is an able-bodied biological born man who envies those who are biologically born Intersex, Disabled and uses a wheelchair. He even envies those who are a biological born woman and are a Lesbian woman. He has a sick fantasy of wanting to be permanently disabled and at the same time want to be a faux woman. He’s even gone so far as to try to raise money so a Doctor can paralyze his leg. What you have is a full-blown, delusional psychotic nut case who should have been put on psychiatric drugs and confined to a mental health hospital.

The medical procedure that Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White wants doctors to do, violates their Hippocratic oath of Medicine and no Doctor in North American will want to risk having their Medical license revoked to do what Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is asking.  Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White wants doctors to severe his nerves so he can be confined to a wheel chair for Life. This on top of transsexualism and his wanting to be a faux woman and a fake Lesbian. Which clearly is a case of someone who has severe psychiatric issues.  It makes me wonder, why haven’t the doctors or surgeons referred him to mental health or put him on psychiatric drugs. It seems like society or no one is stopping this delusional man from fulfilling his sick fetish and taking advantage of Real people who have Real Disabilities.

Why am I writing about this, is because as a biological born Intersex person who has Kallmann’s syndrome and is deaf in one ear. I am pissed and MAD as hell when someone who is able-bodied wants to take advantage of Disabled people. I am mad as hell when someone fakes a disability, fakes an intersex condition and tries to take advantage of REAL people who have REAL disabilities. It smacks FRAUD in the face of those who are biologically born Intersex, Disabled and uses a wheelchair. It makes me mad when an able-bodied man has a sick fetish for disabled people and wants some doctor to permanently make him disabled.

It makes my skin crawl, when I hear someone who is faking a disability and faking an intersex condition. It makes me sick when someone who can walk, takes advantage of those who are confined to a wheelchair, permanently disabled and are born with an Intersex condition. It makes me sick when people such as Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White are faking a disability because they have a delusional fantasy of wanting to be disabled. It smacks so many wrongs that It never amazes me at how low people on this planet can go and in the case of Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White, he takes it to a brand new low.

The surprising thing is that Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White has made the rounds of GallusMags blog in here.  Even his article on the Huffington post has gotten people so riled up against Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White, his obsession with being disabled and here is the article. On top of that his comment on this post here, clearly shows how mentally unstable and very delusional Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is.

People such as Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is a prime example of why people like him should never be let out in society and should be on some mandatory mental health counseling and psychiatric drugs. To think he has a fetish for being disabled on top of his transexualism, speaks volumes of the kind of person Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is. He clearly is a textbook case of someone who needs massive amounts of psychiatric help and needs to be on some type of psychiatric drug.

It makes me sick when you see people such as Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White, who fakes a disability. Who pretends to be confined to a Wheelchair. Who pretends  to have an Intersex condition and pretends to be a biological born woman and a lesbian. If the State of Utah were ever to find out that this Fraud pretends to be disabled and fakes a disability. I hope that they lock him up in some mental health hospital and never, ever let him out. What Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is doing are committing a FRAUD and is defrauding those who have ACTUAL Diagnosed Intersex conditions, REAL Disabilities and those who have legitimate reasons to be in a wheelchair. He is poking fun at those who are truly disabled, those who are confined to a wheelchair for legitimate reasons and are biologically born Intersex person

As an Intersex person myself and someone with a Deaf disability myself, I am very, very disgusted at Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White. He makes me sick all because he wants to take advantage of disabled people by fulfilling his sick fetish for disabilities and having a desire to be permanently disabled. I hope NO doctor alive performs the procedure that he is asking them to do and instead send him for a psychiatric evaluation. I hope he never meets a REAL disabled or a REAL paralyzed person. They would be sick if they saw what Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White is doing and puke at him. Thanks to people such as GallusMag at Gender Trender for exposing Mr Clive “Chloe” Jennings-White as a Fake paraplegic and fake disabled person. It’s clear he seriously needs psychiatric help.

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  1. I judge by who they are and their actions. I judge them what them come as in person. As for myself, I am disabled as well and I’m deaf in one ear and born with an Intersex condition myself.

  2. I am handicapped and use a cane. I have been for 7 years now. I gave up working, skiing, racquetball, dancing and shopping because of this. I gained painting and blogging. Please don’t judge everyone by the frauds. Most of us are in bad shape.Hugs, Barbara

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