California’s transgender students bill of rights: Going too far?

California’s transgender students bill of rights: Going too far? –

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I see so many wrongs with this law that California signed, that they are seriously opening themselves up to a massive lawsuit. What this bill that is being signed into law will do, is allow men who claim to be women, will be allowed unchallenged to enter women’s locker rooms, bathrooms and putting the lives of women and children in danger. This law had no comments from biological born women and girls if they wanted men who pretend to be women enter spaces that are designated for biological born women.

The law and the bill, as I have read, allows any man to claim he’s a woman and be allowed to use women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and be allowed to play on women’s sports teams. On top of that, Schools in California can’t challenge their claims and are handcuffed from challenging their claims. As a result, this doesn’t give the biological born women and young girls of California the right to challenge and question any man who claims to be a woman from entering their private spaces. It’s why the state of California is pandering to a man in a dress over the rights and safety of biological born women and young girls.

The many problems I see with the California law is that it may run a fowl with the Federal governments Title IX law. Where Federal Title IX law may supersede State law to amend the law to comply with Federal Title IX law. What California is doing is going to allow a boy who can’t compete in sports on a men’s team will be able to claim gender identity disorder without ever being challenged and being allowed to play on a woman’s sports team. This is where I foresee many problems down the road and may see a Lawsuit that may force the law to be scrapped and removed.

The other problem I see many wrongs with California’s law is that California has clauses in the law that puts in who is qualified under the law and what standards are they using. It doesn’t even have what defines a trans person. It even doesn’t have exemptions in the law and exclusions such as who is excluded and not covered under the law. If you look at other states, where they have gender identity laws, they have qualifiers, definitions, exemptions and exclusions in their laws. They have in their state, who is covered, where does it apply and what standards are used to qualify the protection under state law.

What California did, didn’t add those and those qualifiers, definitions, exemptions and exclusions in their laws. They in effect opened the floodgates and allowing any many who has a fetish for women, to enter a women’s only locker room, bathroom and spaces. Without being challenged or questioning their claim. California is going to be setting themselves up for one massive lawsuit, if some registered sex offender, pervert and rapist takes advantage of this law to force their way into women’s only spaces. This law that Gov Jerry Brown and California signed into law is going to have unintended consequences that will come back to bite them when they have to challenge the law in court.

In my opinion, I think what the transgender nuts did in California has gone way too far. They basically pushed away the rights and safety concerns of biological born women and girls. Over a man in a dress personal feelings and opinions. The people in California didn’t care what biological born women think or what their concerns and issues were. California has in effect become a hyper liberal utopia were, your concerns and opinions don’t matter. They don’t respect individualism and the rights of people and even the privacy rights of students in California as well. It seems that in California, If you’re a biological born woman or girl, you don’t have privacy rights because a man in a dress has more privacy rights than biological born women and young girls. Frankly, this is why I will never visit California if they allow this on to people. They basically have ruined my chances of ever wanting to visit the place. I feel so sorry for any biological born woman and girl in California who has to put up with this. They have my sympathies when they go to a bathroom and a locker room in California  where a man in a dress is allowed to enter without being challenged.

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