My online gaming life

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

As most of my readers know, I am an avid online video game player. I play Modern warfare 2, Modern warfare 3, Black ops and Black ops 2 on Sony PlayStation 3. I play regularly on a regular basis when I am not busy with Homework, college affairs and Military affairs. My handle if you want to play with me on the Sony PlayStation network is, Kamodofighter_76. I mostly play in Modern Warfare 3, but jump now and then to Black ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2. One thing I despise so much, when it comes to playing online games such as Modern warfare 2, Modern warfare 3, Black ops, and Black ops 2, is the rampant cheating and hacking of the game. When I play the games online, I see so much cheating that is mind-boggling and very much an epidemic. People cheat so often, that it cheapens the game and doesn’t bring any fairness or equal play to the game. You have so many people who cheat playing online that it’s impossible to play a fair and honest game.

Most of your online gamers who cheat so much are your typical Preteen to college age guys with very fragile egos. Who cheat to impress they’re friends and family on they’re gaming skills. You see them cheat by camping in so many places and camping at places, where you respawn for quick instant kill in the game. I have even seem some who hacked the game and use hacks such as AIMBOTS to help them score higher. I have even seen instances where some have hacked to get every Mod, perk and kill streak in the game, without ever working hard at it. What I see when I’m playing online is, that people Cheat to impress people and to make themselves look better than anyone else. All cheating has done in online gaming is that it cheapens the game and doesn’t bring any fairness to the game. It just shows that people who cheat in Modern warfare 2, Modern warfare 3, Black ops and Black ops 2, they don’t have any respect  for players and don’t have any decency. What most of these cheaters show, by playing online is that they can’t hack it in the Real world, and if they were ever put in a Real Live Combat Situation in places such as Afghanistan, they would not survive combat would be beaten so badly.

What I do when ever I see cheating when I’m playing Modern warfare 2, Modern warfare 3, Black ops and Black ops 2. I automatically report them for cheating and at the same time, plaster they’re name all over social media. To show that the person is a cheater and it would shame them online. I actually tweet there name on social media and put hashtags on their name to show the world that they are cheating in the game and don’t play fair at all. It’s my way of getting back at them and making people be aware that the person I played online is a cheater and is not to be trusted. Playing with cheaters is no fun and I try my best to avoid them at all cost.

It’s why when I play, I just play for the hell of it. I don’t need to cheat to impress people and judging by most of the preteens to college age players. They seem to think cheating is the only way to Impress people.  If you want to impress me, impress me that you can bet the game and come out on top in a fair and clean game. All I see is rampant cheating, use of cheats and aimbots to cheat and win. That never impresses me and all it shows is that they don’t have any Real Skills to play. For me, their not impressing no one and not even themselves. That’s why I play fair and never resort to cheating or using aimbots to cheat. Unlike other players i see online, who use cheats and aimbots to win, they aren’t impressing anyone and they ain’t impressing me as well.