Bradley Manning affair

Ever since Bradley manning got convicted of leaking classified material, the news has been abuzz with his now gender identity issues and his demands that people and the media refer to him as a woman.  Since he’s going to be spending the next 35 years in a US Military Prison, namely Ft Leavenworth, KS for his crimes. I highly doubt the US Army will ever accommodate his bizarre request. They will call him by his Male name and give him a standard Male prison uniform. The worst is that the Media is starting to caving in to liberal madness and in some news sites, they are referring Bradley Manning as Chelsea Manning. On this blog, I will not refer to Bradley Manning as a woman, because he is still a biological born Man, with MALE DNA and on all US legal/Military documents, he is listed as a MAN.

What people seem to forget, is when you sign the dotted line to join the US Military, you don’t have the right to speak your mind and your do as you are told and ordered to. You give up that right, when you sign that dotted line on the paper. What people don’t realize is that when your given a job with a high security clearance. You sign a Non-disclosure statement and a statement that you will not divulge national security secrets and if you do. You could find yourself at Ft Leavenworth breaking big rocks into small rocks for the rest of your life. That’s why people who get jobs that have national top-secret clearance go through an extensive psychological and personnel Background checks that is done by the FBI. It boggles my mind how Bradley Manning got pass the FBI Background checks to get a job in Military Intelligence, with his mental and sexual issues. Even with his Gender Identity disorder should have been enough for him to revoke his Security clearance and discharge from the US Military.

The one thing that struck me as being weird and crazy is that he’s now demanding the US Military prison give him SRS, hormone treatments and calling him a Woman. This to me is nothing more than a Man trying to cop-out on the fact that he’s going to be in a US Military Prison for a LONG, LONG time. More like 35 years to be exact.  He’s trying to say that he isn’t MAN enough to do the time in Prison, but was MAN enough to leak national security secrets and put the US military and the United States of America at risk. It just shows that he doesn’t like the prospect of owning up to his crimes and doing the prison time like a MAN. As they say in prison, “If you ain’t MAN enough to do the Time, Don’t do the Crime”.

The most absurd thing about Bradley Manning, is that he is demanding that everyone including the Liberal media to refer him as Chelsea Manning and a Woman. It just shows how self-centered and Narcissistic a Man such as Bradley manning is. On top of that, it shows that He wants women to respect him and call him as one of their own.  Even trying to garner sympathy from the LGB community and to the liberal & leftist community. Well for me, I am not buying it because he’s trying to cop-out of a Long stint in Prison and he’s only showing that he’s not MAN enough to do the time in Prison. The Most absurd thing out of this, is that Bradley Manning claims to be a woman, but in reality is a MAN with Male DNA and male body parts. He will never, ever be a woman no matter how much he tries or claims to be. Bradley Manning will always be a Man and his DNA will always show XY chromosomes. On top of that No woman would ever refer to Bradley Manning as  woman because he’s a MAN regardless of what he dose to his body.

What the US Military should have done to people such as Bradley Manning is simply dump him in ADX Florence, Co. The US military dose that for spies such as Robert Hannsen and Noshir Gowadia.  That way he can never be heard from and he can do his time in Isolation. The US military should not be spending any taxpayers money to fund his delusions including his SRS and Hormones. If the Liberals, leftist and LGB community want to take up a collection for his SRS and hormones, then fine, but not on Taxpayers expense. Not one penny of Taxpayers money should not go towards his delusions. The only Rights a Prison Inmate such as Bradley Manning gets, is Right to Food, Clothing, Housing and Basic Medical care. Everything else is a privilege to him and every prison Inmate.