Third Gender Segment from HuffingtonPost Live

I was featured in the Huffington post Live show to discuss about the Third Gender as an Intersex person and discussed about what being born Intersex is and how this law will impact on intersex kids and people being born with ambiguous genitalia. It was good to get people to see a face to an actual biological born Intersex person and to get the point of view from someone who is actually Intersex. It was great meeting all of them and even showing them that being born intersex, there is nothing wrong and that doctors and society should not be forcing intersex people and just simply let them live. Intersex kids need to have a normal life as much as possible and need to be supported and not erased or hidden.

It’s why I do my best to help Intersex kids and people who have intersex kids take care of them and not be pressured into harming them. It’s simply letting intersex kids live and be human and normal as much as possible. This is something I should have gotten as a child growing up, but is now lost to history. It’s why, what Germany is doing for Intersex kids is something I am happy about, but at the same kind, I worry about who get’s covered under the law, what definitions are their in place and who speaks up for Intersex kid on their behalf.  It’s why I think they it’s  a step in the right direction for Intersex kids, and I think their needs to be a broader protection for Intersex kids and intersex adults. As it is in Germany, the law is vague on who is protected and what is defined as a third gender.

For myself, I am happy to speak up for Intersex people and speak about my experience in being born with an Intersex condition. As more and more people see Intersex people in real life, my hope is that someday people can see that being born intersex is not a social medical emergency, but a medical condition that your born with. I hope more and more people will realize that Intersex people such as myself do exist and we are like everyone else in society. Were just born with a Medical condition from birth that we have to deal with for the rest of our lives.

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