Baby’s Genitals Removed Under State Custody, Adoptive Parents Sue

This is why Intersex/DSD people such as myself fight so hard to keep this kind of treatment from happening to Intersex kids. Now we see this in a lawsuit in South Carolina of an Intersex child being forced against its will to a forced sex reassignment surgery, to be adopted.  I know Advocates for Informed Choice is leading the charge to sue the state of South Carolina for Forced Sex reassignment surgery and violating the Rights of MC. I hope they clean the clocks out of the state of South Carolina.

This should have never happened to Intersex kids and as an Intersex person myself, I know how MC must have felt as a child being taken to the hospital and having the genital surgery without being told of why they are doing that to you. It’s this reason Intersex activist such as myself are fighting so hard so that Intersex kids like MC do not have to endure the forced genital surgeries against their will and without explaining it to them. This is why Intersex people such as myself and intersex groups such as Advocates for Informed choice fight very hard to keep the scalp away from Intersex kids. Intersex kids do not need genital surgery that is being push on by the Trans community. Intersex kids need to grow up and need to have a normal childhood. Though there are people who push the Transgender SRS on Intersex kids, It’s something Intersex people are dead-set against and were not in favor of SRS.

It’s why as an Intersex/DSD person, I support Advocates for Informed Choices fight for MC and Intersex kids everywhere. We fight to make sure that NO forced SRS is done on Intersex kids. Intersex kids like MC can be allowed to grow up and be allowed later in life to choose what MC wants done. Instead,we have doctors listening to transgender whackjobs and pushing SRS onto Intersex people including Intersex kids.  Which results the Intersex child being harmed and scarred for Life.  Since it Happened to MC it happened to me as an Intersex/DSD person and every other Intersex/DSD person.  This is something that should never had happen but it happens because some doctor listened to some transgender whackjob and Intersex people are paying for it.