Hate speech vs. free speech

The problem we have in this country is that people in America are equating free speech with hate speech.  The problem is that if you disagree with someone or some group on something in this country, it’s hate speech instead of free speech. For example, if you disagree with transgender people and their views, even though it’s Free speech to do so and it’s protected under the US Consitution. They lash out at you and call it hate speech. It’s weird and it happens all the time. The fact is in America, we have Freedom of Speech and we have a right to express our opinions no matter how hateful one group may see it, but it’s in the US Consitution and there is nothing they can say about it.

What Propaganda Buster showed in this video are that countries that have laws against Hate speech will dump people in America, who speak very hatefully in their country.  Which I am all fine for Free speech because In America, you have the right for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. It’s something everyone wants because In America, you can legally own a Gun and can speak your mind and say things no matter how hateful they are because Freedom of Speech is protected under the US Consitution.

Which is why I am pro Constitution, pro 2nd Amendment and pro 1st amendment. I’m an Independent voter. I’m also for Gun rights and rights of gun owners to protect and defend themselves.


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