Life as a Disabled college student

As someone who’s deaf in my right ear and born with an Intersex condition. There are some challenges in pursuing a higher education degree. Sometimes colleges are not friendly towards disabled students, and other times the normal students are not receptive towards disabled students.  There are some obstacles that I have to face an overcome as a deaf college student and an Intersex person. Some of its social, personal and even academic. Though in the end I am going to get where I want to be in life and that’s to get a Master’s Degree in Nursing and working as a Nurse Practitioner.

One thing I get on campus, that most people never get is their own dorm room. On my college campus, I get it under two rules, and one is for my deaf disability, and the other is for my Intersex medical condition. In my college, we have gender neutral housing for those who are uncomfortable with rooming with either guys or girls. Because I am born with an Intersex medical condition, I qualify for gender neutral housing. The other is being born deaf in my right ear, I get my own rooms because of my hearing disability and that’s due to the federal Americans with disability act law. Which is why I am one of the only known college students on my campus who have gender neutral housing and disability housing. It works out where  90% is due to my hearing disability,and my intersex condition is just icing on the cake.

So in my college, I get my own dorm room due to the ADA laws, regards to my hearing disability and due to my medical intersex condition. They know that they will never let me have roommates and that just suits me fine. I get to have my own room and get to stretch out including being nude in my own dorm room without the fear of roommates harassing me or laughing at me. Though it makes others jealous that I have my own room, but because of my disability and medical issues, it triumphs over everything else. That’s why my dorm room is set up for me differently because of my hearing disability and it cost the college a lot of money to retrofit a dorm room for disabled students such as myself. Even when it comes to caring for me on campus, I’m seen differently than normal college students and disabled college students are treated differently. They make sure I am ok and no one is bugging me. Which is why I have curtain friends who keep tabs on me.

In my case, as a deaf Student, I get extended test time. When it comes to taking final exams, I get to take it whenever I want at the time I am comfortable. I get note takers to help me dissect and take notes for me in class. even in class I have PowerPoint slides I get from professors to help me follow along in class. I even have tutors who help me keep track of my classes and help me study for my exams and test. It’s why on my campus, I get leeways when it comes to using technology in class because of my documented disability. That’s why I get to use the Smartpen and laptop in class.

As someone who is born deaf in my right ear and born with an Intersex condition, College is very different because of  my disability. Being disabled in college has many challenges and barriers that I have to face. If it wasn’t for the Americans with Disability act, it would make going to college very hard. Which is why being born deaf in my right ear and having an Intersex medical condition, I am federally protected under the Americans with Disability act of 1990. It’s why my college works hard to make sure that disabled college students are accommodated and inclusive in the campus community.