Ellen Degeneres shows her true Bigotry

This came across my tweet feed, and when I saw the video, I was shocked at how rude Ellen Degneres said about Nudist and body acceptance. It’s clear that for a lesbian such as Ellen, she has no problems showing off her body, but to make a rude comment about other people who go to Nude beaches and their body types. Just clearly shows what kind of lesbian Ellen is. In fact,her bigotry towards Nudist and body acceptance is really showing and glaring.

It’s really a shame that not too long ago, if she ever came out of the closet as a gay or lesbian, she would have been run out of Hollywood in a heart beat and she would have never had the kind of career she’s in. In fact,her career almost went down the tubes, betcha you didn’t remember that one.

One thing Ellen fails to remember that even LGB people have body acceptance issues and to laugh at Nudist for having body acceptance shows that she has issues in her body and accepting her body. She even forgot how society and people called LGB like her ” Sick and perverted homosexual”. Betcha she forgot how that must of hurt her and kicked her in the guts

What’s clear is that Ellen thinks Bigotry only happens in the LGB community and is to insulated to see that Bigotry and intolerance happen everywhere.  Ellen simply needs a gut a reality check that some lesbian women do have body image issues and to mock them and laugh at Nudist. Goes to show how ignorant Ellen is.

Ellen Degeneres is clearly showing her true bigotry and shame on you Ellen!!!!!!!!!