Fresh off the dorm

Let’s recap, I sure had one busy time, since moving back on campus and starting College again. I was featured on Huffington post, which was very cool, and the downside was that I was attacked and stalked by penis bearing Men in dresses. It was a crazy couple of weeks to start the fall semester, and I have managed to come out on top. The nice part is that I have a friend of mine from my old college transferred over to mine and is hanging out and finishing his degree here. So it all works out well for me, and I have my own little niche.

So as far as moving back on campus, things have gone very well. I’m still in my same gender neutral/disabled dorm apartment. I still have a no clothes policy when I am in my apartment and when I’m in my dorm apartment. I strip my clothes off and hang out totally Nude in my dorm. Being a Nudist and an Intersex/DSD person, I am totally comfortable in my own skin and very happy with all the flaws and imperfections that I have on my skin. So my dorm apartment is the same and I get have my place away from Roommates and be totally by myself. I am grateful because of my Intersex medical condition and my hearing disability that I get my own apartment and I don’t have to deal with men and women in a dorm apartment.

The other thing that surprised me was that I was a guest speaker on Huffington post live. I was asked to appear on Huffingtonpost live to talk about Germany‘s Intersex birth certificate issue. It was very good because I made an impact on Intersex/DSD people and gave a face and voice of Real actual Intersex people instead of Male trans with their penis and dresses. It was very good that Intersex people such as myself  can speak up for ourselves and speak up instead of being silenced and intimidated by the Male Trans with penises and dresses. The sad part was after appearing on the Huffington post Live, I was stalked, bullied, harassed and intimidated by male Trans with penises and dresses. I was harassed and intimidated by people such as Mr. “Cristain” Williams, Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Mr. “Zoe” Allen Brain. I was attacked by these men, because they had a hissy fit because Huffington post didn’t call them and instead called an Actual biological born Intersex person such as myself instead. They tried to silence me, intimidate me and even bullied me for appearing live. I was attacked on Huffingtonpost and in the comments section by Mr. “Cristain” Williams, Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Mr. “Zoe” Allen Brain. Even Mr. “Dana”lane Taylor, who comments on the Huffingtonpost under the name  “NunyaBeezwax” tried to intimidate me, by accusing me of stalking him and sending he cops after me. After the cops saw the evidence, they knew it was a lie and found out that Mr. “Dana”lane Taylor lied about me stalking him and learned that he was really stalking me. The cops went back at him and told him to back off, or charges will be filed against him. Even Mr. “Zoe” Allen Brain, all the way from Australia, tried to intimidate me by claiming to be a shrink and thinking I needed psych help.

What clearly shows, is that I am very resilient, and I don’t bow down and back down from being bullied, intimidated or threatened by Men in dresses such as Mr. “Cristain” Williams, Mr. “Dana” Lane Taylor and Mr. “Zoe” Allen Brain. After appearing live on the Huffingtonpost, it’s very clear that these Male trans with penises and a dress, tried to intimidate me and bully me into silence. Even going so far as to make up a story of me stalking them, getting the cops at my door and when the cops found out it was the other way around, they went back to them and told them to back off or charges will be filed on them. Which was why after appearing live on HuffingtonPost, I got attacked by these men in dresses with a penis cause they didn’t like Intersex people such as myself speaking up and tried to silence me and intimidate me. It goes to show what happens when Intersex people such as myself speak up and get attacked, harassed and bullied by men in dresses with penises on.

Other than that, My first weeks on campus have been going all well. I hadn’t had any problems, and I tried to stay under the radar as much as possible. I am trying to stay far away from Student government cause they don’t listen to anyone and act very elitist in my view. The other is the queer group on campus because don’t like anyone with a radical feminist slant or doesn’t pander to men in dresses. Which is why I try to stay away from them and do my thing. I avoid them and avoid anyone who associates with them. Which is why I’m happy to do my thing on campus and not be bothered by any of them.