Narcissism at it’s finest

This is what happens when Liberals and liberal feminist allow Men in dresses to invade women’s only space and take away all the things that natural-born women have gained.  It’s why I think it’s wrong for this man in a dress to take away the homecoming crown away from Biological born women. It’s clearly a Biological born man and no matter what people may say, one thing you can’t deny is Science and Biology. You can also see in the video below that he cries like a gay boy who is not happy enough with stealing the homecoming crown away from biological born women. He’s really crying because people and society won’t pander and play along with mental delusions and call and recognize him a woman. I think the only reason why he got it is because people either wanted to make him look like a fool or people were too stupid to realize that their homecoming queen was really a man in a dress.

The way I see it, this is nothing more than a gay boy hooked on attention seeking drama. For him to cry on Youtube after stealing the Homecoming crown away from Biological born women, clearly shows that he’s a drama seeking gay boy, who wants to steal the attention and spotlight away from natural-born women. Sad part of this for him, is that when reality slams right in his face, he’s going to realize all that drama is not going to buy him his happiness. That’s cause the world isn’t going to give a damn about his drama and attention seeking. In reality, I feel sorry for the teenage girls who came in second place over a man in a dress. That’s shows that  narcissism trumps over common sense.


It turns out this so-called woman is really a man in a dress named Lance aka Cassidy Lynn Campbell. Thanks to Cathy Brennan for digging up dirt that the Liberal media failed to look and the links will be provided below

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