College So far

My College experience so far is tough because some classes are very hard, while others seem to be a struggle. Take my math class for instance, it’s a Math for Liberal arts class and very hard because of the kind of teacher I have and how fast she goes in class. It’s been a struggle because my math teacher doesn’t care if I pass my classes and doesn’t even bother to help me class or offer me options to help me pass my classes. I may end up auditing the class and take it again in the spring semester. I’m trying my best to pass my Math class, and I am going to have to audit the Math class and keep working on improving my Chemistry, Art and Biology class.

The other extreme is my Biology class, and it’s very small and I am able to keep up with the class. The teacher is with me in lecture and Lab. I also have power point slides that I can use to study from. The one thing I liked about my Biology class is that It’s smaller, and I get more attention than I do in my Math class. In my Math class it’s 20 people, I get little attention and I’m trying to keep up when my teacher goes very fast.  Which is why I am a huge fan of my Biology class and really hate my Liberal arts Math class because my Math teacher doesn’t care if I pass or not and doesn’t offer me help or alternatives to pass the class.

I try my best to past my classes, and I try very hard to keep up. I know I am trying to find ways to study better and even find apps that can help me study. So if anyone knows a good app to help me study, let me know. I sure can use it to help me study better.


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  1. My experience with math was that the multiplication tables were insanely difficult, algebra was a breeze, and calculus incomprehensible until after flunking intro three times I got a teacher who showed us how to apply it to real life examples, and then I aced the class. I would have never made it past the multiplication tables if I hadn’t had a kickass teacher who worked with me a lot. I hear you on it being really situational, how one responds to classes. Most teachers probably should be doing something else.

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