My college Financial issues

In rough times, where I live and go to college, Money is very tight on me. I’m trying to go to college so I can enter either professional Physician Assistant school, Nurse Practitioners school or Emergency Medical service school. Right now for me, I am in a very tight situation with no way out and my hopes of going to Professional school after undergraduate, is slipping. Right now, I have a tuition bill to pay that is $1,205.75 left over from all the Financial aid I got from school. The Financial aid my college gave me, was not enough to cover all the expenses, and I am left holding the bag. My other tight situation is that in my home state, JOBS are far and in between, and that’s due to the economy of my home state of Connecticut and the high cost of living in Connecticut. The way thing is, with 53 college credits that I have, I am in a tough situation where I am close to graduating from college, and I don’t want to put that on hold.

It doesn’t help also, being deaf/Hard-of hearing in one ear and not being able to find work or any state help to pay for college. That’s on top of my Intersex/DSD medical condition as well. It’s why those things have become a huge barrier in my life and trying to get a college degree and get into a professional career.

I tried to get my folks to help me, but all they do is berate me. Belittle me that I didn’t go their way and tried to slut shaming me that there is no future in college for me. They tried to use every excuse to not help me and tried to say, that I didn’t do enough to help them. My folks would often times buy things to make their house look lavish than to help me graduate from college on time. They even times tried to use me to get Connecticut Food stamps and Welfare because they think it’s beneath them. They even tried to use me to get Social security disability as well. My folks would not help me out when I was sick with a cold and not even help me out when I am in a tough situation I am in with college right now. They don’t see the value of a college education in this country, and they think material goods is more valuable.

I have tried crowd funding, but that seems to be stagnant because no one is donating to help. I have tried to look for work in Connecticut, but the way the economy is going in this country, no one seems to be hiring these days. So I am in a tough and difficult situation. overtime this issue comes up, I try to drink and drown my problems out, but they still keep showing up.  The way I look at it, I am in a hopeless, no win situation because of lack of job and difficulty in covering my tuition bill. It’s getting to the point where it’s very depressing. and depressing me out.

It just seems like my folks don’t even care about me to help me, cause they think I am too stupid and not like them. They seem to try to sabotage my hopes, dreams and a better life. My folks rarely let me find work and often times make me feel like a prisoner at home. That’s why I hardly go out because my folks try to keep me tied up at home and not letting me socialize with other people. It gets’ to the point where they try to tell me where and when I can get a job.

That’s why, I am writing to ask if any of my readers is interested in helping me out and helping me because my folks don’t care about me, and they seem to rather see me homeless, out on the streets than succeeding with a college degree and admission into graduate professional schooling. My folks have a no care attitude with me would rather spend on themselves and not help out their son. So I am asking, if anyone can give money to help pay for my college cost, please do so, I have a Gofundme site to help, and you can give directly via PayPal. I’m just a very poor, deaf disabled college student with a no caring parents who would not care to help me graduate from college.