Germany’s new intersex third gender law

As I have read on-line, Germany has enacted a new law for infants who are born with an Intersex/DSD condition. The law from what I read is to give Intersex kids and infants the option of having the third gender designation on passports and birth certificates. I support this for Intersex/DSD kids, and this is something that Intersex infants & kids should have. Why should Intersex infants & kids be forced into the Male and female system when biology and medical science knows that Intersex people are neither male nor female. This is something that should be in place for Intersex/DSD people ONLY.

As an Intersex/DSD person and someone who is born with Kallmann’s syndrome. This is something that I support as long as they meet a set criteria set by the DSD (Disorders of Sexual development) Manual and in agreement with medical science. As far as the law applying to transgender people, it does not cover then and doesn’t apply to them. This law does not allow transgender people and doesn’t give them the option. It basically covers infants who are born with a medically diagnosed intersex condition such as being born from birth with ambiguous genitals. That is backed up with medical data and lab reports such as genetic DNA karyotyping, Blood work ups and comprehensive physical exams.

One thing I do have to say, is that there are many transgender and gender queer people online, who are trying to say that this law in Germany applies to them. They think the law in Germany allows Trans people to have that option. What they ignore and fail to read, is that the third gender law only applies to those who are born with a biological verifiable intersex/DSD condition. In reality Transgender people are not covered under the law and are not given the option. Only those with a biological born from birth Intersex/DSD condition. Which is why the Germany law is not going to give the Transgender people the option, but instead will give Intersex infants the option.