Nudist Lifestyle

Nudist Lifestyle.

‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Naturist ved Lake Superior
‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Naturist ved Lake Superior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s what I like about being nude. It’s being free and there is no labels or identities that attach to your body. The Nudist lifestyle for me is all about body acceptance and accepting every flaw and imperfection that Mother nature gave you. Your accepted for who you are and what you come as in person and in the flesh. There is no labels and identities that come with Nudism. It’s the kind of lifestyle that let’s me celebrate my Intersex body for what it is and who I am as a person. It shows that I am not a shame about being born Intersex in a Nudist community.

The Nudist lifestyle is all about being nude and being comfortable with the skin you’re in. It’s about accepting yourself and all the natural imperfections and flaws in your body. When I am nude, I’m freer and more comfortable with the skin I am in. Even when I am at a Nudist resort, I am more comfortable with myself because I know that no one is judging you and looking at the unique genitals that you have as an Intersex person. Even when I am in my dorm, My clothes come off, and I am completely nude.It’s more comfortable for me, and I am more relaxed in the skin I am in.

It’s why as an Intersex person, Nudism is part of my life and a Lifestyle I grew into. The nudist lifestyle is all about being comfortable with the skin your born with and accepting all the flaws and imperfections that you. When you spend time at a nudist resort, you learn to be comfortable with your own skin. That’s why I live the Nudist Lifestyle, and it has become part of me. Nudism is something people have to try once in their lifetime and for some like me, it becomes part of your life.