A&E & GLAAD, Embrace the SUCK

A&E and GLAAD, they really need to embrace the suck because they do suck. First of all, A&E really shot themselves in the foot on this one when they suspended Phil Robertson for speaking his mind and silencing his rights. Phil Robertson has every right to speak his mind and has the protection of the US Consitution, the 1st amendment rights, Freedom of speech & Freedom of religion. They really need to embrace the suck because A&E, they really do SUCK and need to be boycotted. A&E needs to GROW up and grow a pair. How dare A&E suspend a man for speaking his views. A&E is showing how fascist and Marxist they become by silencing a man for speaking about his religion and his views on LGBT people.

As for GLAAD, they really, really need to embrace the suck, cause they really sucked and shot themselves in the foot on this one. GLAAD has become one of the most intolerant, hateful bigoted bullies in the LGBT community. GLAAD thinks by silencing and suppressing anyone who has views different from them, is going to win more people. They surely are mistaken on that one cause it’s only going to Alienate them further, and people are going to see GLAAD as an intolerant, hateful, bigot organization. GLAAD really has a problem with society because GLAAD want’s society to bow to them, but doesn’t realize that it doesn’t work that way. GLAAD in my opinion is irrelevant and doesn’t speak for the LGBT community. They have become, fascist, Marxist, hateful and very intolerant towards American society.

Which is why I view GLAAD as an intolerant, hateful, bigoted, far right liberal organization that needs to embrace the suck. They hate Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion & the US Consitution.  They hate intolerant people who have the right to have views, opinions and beliefs that are different from them. Which is why most LGBT people view GLAAD as irrelevant and trying to impose their views on society. What GLAAD is doing is all wrong and is in reality having a hissy fit and bullying people. In my opinion, GLAAD is the Bully and an intolerant bigot as well. They need to be boycotted and boycott everything that GLAAD is associated with, to show that you can’t silence people, just because you don’t like their views on LGBT people.

So GLAAD, embrace the suck, cause you really shot yourselves in the foot on this one.